Vanessa Paradis suffering on stage: a small health problem in the middle of a performance...

On tour throughout France with the play 'Maman', Vanessa Paradis triumphs alongside her husband Samuel Benchetrit. Professional, she shone on stage despite a small health problem barely noticed by the spectators...

  Vanessa Paradis suffering on stage: a small health problem in the middle of a performance...

It is with a particular emotion that we imagine that Vanessa Paradis took to the stage at Carré Sainte-Maxime this Friday, October 14, 2022. On tour throughout France, the actress played there Mom , a play written to measure for her first steps in the theater by her husband Samuel Benchetrit . For her debut on the boards, Vanessa Paradis plays Jeanne, a fifty-year-old who will see her life as a couple shaken up by the arrival in her life of a young lost person whom she takes under her wing. Originally created at the Edouard-VII Theater where the singer and actress shone in the midst of her male partners Éric Elmosnino, Félix Moati and Gabor Rassov, the poster has changed somewhat for the provincial tour. It is now the actor Simon Thomas who takes on the role of Félix Moati while Éric Elmosnino gives way to Samuel Benchetrit, who becomes the husband of Vanessa Paradis on stage and in the city.

Vanessa Paradis, brilliant on stage despite a small health problem

While the room was full in Sainte-Maxime, one could read in the columns of Be Matin that a small incident could have disrupted the smooth running of the evening. The mother of Lily Rose and Jack - born from her past history with Johnny Depp - burned the boards for an hour and a half of performance, embodying her role as Jeanne brilliantly despite a very embarrassing health concern . ' When Vanessa/Jeanne declaims the tragedy at the origin of her discomfort, eyes inevitably mist up in the spans of the Carré. His own, victims of a wicked conjunctivitis visible to spectators in the first row, will not blink despite the discomfort for 1h40 ', reports the journalist Be Matin . As we so well in the middle, the show must go on. ..

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The Var, region of heart for Vanessa Paradis?

After the triumph that the Maximois public had reserved for them, Vanessa Paradis and Samuel Benchetrit discreetly slipped away, details Be Matin . It must be said that the singer of Divine Idyll does not lack ties in this region of the Var hinterland where his family has been anchored for several decades. The parents of the actress, Corinne and André (now deceased), who owned a hotel in Sainte Maxime, had found in Plan-de-la-Tour the southern home sweet home of their daughter, then in a relationship with Johnny Depp . The property, where part of their children Lily Rose grew up - soon to appear in the series The Idol - and Jack in the early 2000s, is now on sale.