Valérie Mairesse spent 'a night in the toilet' because of... Serge Gainsbourg

This Saturday, October 15, 2022, Laurent Ruquier was back on France 2 with his whole gang in the new edition of 'Big Heads'. The show was rich in anecdotes that were surprising to say the least. And it is not Valérie Mairesse who will say the opposite…

  Valérie Mairesse spent"une nuit dans les chiottes" à cause de... Serge Gainsbourg

After leaving the box for the second part of the evening to Léa Salamé, who is now alone at the helm of What an era! , Laurent Ruquier took a few weeks to get back on track. It's been done since this Saturday, October 15, 2022 since he took over the reins of the Big heads , still on France 2. First presented by the legendary Philippe Bouvard, this debate and entertainment program was taken over by Laurent Ruquier in 2014 on RTL. And since then, the team has continued to grow, to the delight of listeners and viewers when there is an exceptional bonus.

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Laurent Ruquier and his whole band back in Les Grosses Têtes

On the occasion of his big comeback on TV screens, Laurent Ruquier had therefore surrounded himself with a slew of columnists in his image . Valérie Mairesse, Darie Boutboul, Caroline Diament, Valérie Trierweiler, Liane Foly, Sébastien Thoen, Jeanfi Janssens, Yoann Riou, Paul El Kharrat and Titoff were all in the game. And the presenter had also invited some prestigious guests: Isabelle Gélinas, Patrick Timsit, Julie Andrieu, Philippe Lavil and Christophe Willem.

And the least we can say is that during this evening, we learned some green and not ripe. Notably thanks to the intervention of Laurent Ruquier's longtime accomplice, Valérie Mairesse. This one also plays in the host's hit play, A magical couple .

Valérie Mairesse got caught 'being drunk' with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

The one who was first an actress therefore briefly mentioned the 'cooked' that she took with Serge Gainsbourg and his former girlfriend Jane Birkin at a party. 'I know you met him Serge Gainsbourg' , indeed first launched the master of ceremonies of the Big heads . To which she immediately replied: 'Ah yes I met him, I even got drunk because of him' .

Before going into some detail. Thus, during the evening, Serge Gainsbourg offered him 'a scorpion' (an alcoholic drink made from rum and cognac, editor's note), which made him spend the rest of the night 'in the toilet' . 'With Jane stroking my hair saying 'it's okay, you'll get used to it'' , she then told. A most unexpected story that did not fail to react, on set as on social networks. But who can still be surprised to hear a story evoking Gainsbourg and alcohol?

Gainsbourg worn out by his addiction to the bottle

During his life and his career, Serge Gainsbourg has accumulated addictions, cigarettes and alcohol in mind; the late Whitney Houston paid the price... The last life of Serge Gainsbourg , the biographer Bernard Pascuito evoked the end of life of the artist and father of Charlotte; which will open its house on rue Verneuil in Paris, transformed into museum . Asked by free midi , in 2021, he declared as follows: 'J I looked at his end of life and discovered a great loneliness. The biographers had passed by after his death which had aroused an overflow of love in contrast to his isolation. He is a man worn down by illness, alcohol, his liver transplant. He is only 63 years old but the 'Gainsbourg regime' adds thirty. '