Valérie Kaprisky is 60 years old: what becomes of the actress? Couple, TV, Menopause, DALS...

She was one of the key figures of the 1980s. But in recent years, Valérie Kaprisky has moved away from the big screen in favor of television. What happens to the actress who turns 60 on August 19?

  Valérie Kaprisky is 60 years old: what becomes of the'actrice ? Couple, Télé, Ménopause, DALS...

What happens to Valérie Kaprisky who turns 60 on August 19 ? The actress was born Valérie Cherer on August 19, 1962 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. But when she decided to try her luck at the cinema, she very quickly opted for her mother's maiden name. And the calculation was a winner since she was a true icon of the seventh French art in the 1980s. Her first major role was that of Ethel in The public woman d'Andrzej Zulawski , a feature film released in 1984 that earned her a César nomination for Best Actress. The same year, she also shot in the sulphurous The year of the jellyfish by Christopher Frank . But, tired of the role proposals that were made to her and of the systematic nudity, she finally decided to move away little by little from the big screen.

Valérie Kaprisky: From Cinema to Television

Exit the cinema therefore, she preferred to turn slowly to television . And if we could come across her in a few commercials, we especially saw her in many television series as Commissioner Magellan , Research sections Recently, she was among the special guests of the third season of the series Astrid and Raphaelle , broadcast on France 2  since 2019.

Above all, between 2018 and 2020, she played journalist Jo Réal in the daily newspaper of the same channel, such a big sun . After two seasons and great success, she finally decided to leave the program. More recently, we could see her in the film of Netflix , The Last Mercenary , alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alban Ivanov, Eric Judor and Meow-Meow . An action feature film, a bit crazy, still available on the streaming platform.

Valerie Kaprisky in Dancing with the Stars?

An eclectic and complete artist, Valérie Kaprisky does not close any doors. Not even that of music. According to her Instagram account, which she feeds very regularly, the new sexagenarian is an accomplished lyricist . Recently she wrote a title, My Last Song , for singer Pauline Atlan, who appears on the latest Hôtel Amour compilation.

And that's not all. It is rumored that she would have passed the casting for season 12 of Dance with the stars . But, according to information from Clément Garin, the actress was ultimately not selected . In a tweet, since deleted, the journalist said that singer Eva Queen, influencer Tibo InShape, champion of 12 strokes of noon Bruno Hourcade and Valérie Kaprisky would all have passed the casting for the flagship show of TF1 … In vain, donc?

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Valérie Kaprisky, ex of Anthony Delon: her love life

If the private life of Valérie Kaprisky caused a lot of ink to flow in the 1980s, it is certainly because she formed with Anthony Delon one of the most glamorous couples of the time . Very exposed, the actress and the son of Alain Delon even made the cover of Paris Match in January 1987.

And if her former companion has since had an eventful love life, the actress has always held on to her ' stability ' which allows her, as she had entrusted to Gala , ' to stay rooted in reality and to bear the vagaries of the job such as the brutal choices of the castings' . 'I have shared my life with my music composer husband for twenty years. . As long as I have him by my side, I can handle everything else being random.' , she then assured.

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Valérie Kaprisky: menopause, sport and diet

In 2019 it is also in the columns of Gala that Valérie Kaprisky had chosen to speak about her menopause . 'We have to dress like an onion to anticipate hot spells! We have mood swings, we laugh, we cry, we are more fragile' , she then detailed before adding that it was important for her at that time to live ' fully his sexuality ' .

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In that same interview, she also talked about her very strict lifestyle: 'I practice a sporting activity four times a week (...) I do barre on the ground, Pilates, abs-gluteal exercises...' . And on his equally drastic diet: ' Low gluten, no dairy products made from cow's milk. little sugar (...) I reproduce the way my Polish grandparents lived in the countryside' .