Valérie Bonneton has 'transformed everything' for her son suffering from leukemia

Valérie Bonneton, who opposite Dany Boon in the film “Eyjafjallajökull” broadcast this September 14, 2022 on TFX, had to face a terrible ordeal: her son, Joseph, was affected by leukemia … She confided on the subject on the set of 'C to you'.

  Valérie Bonneton has 'transformed everything' for her son with'une leucémie

Valerie Bonnet , which you can find on TFX this September 14 in the film Eyjafjallajokull , has a particularly strong connection with its son Joseph , now 21 years old. And for good reason, this one has been reached of one leukemia at only 4 years old. Guest on the set of C to you on September 13, the actress watched a previous passage in the France 5 program, which dates from 2015, and in which she had been overwhelmed by emotion when she mentioned her son.

Valérie Bonneton has 'transformed everything' for her son

Shocked by this sequence, Valérie Bonneton commented: ' It's impossible to talk about that '. It is in his work, mom to me , released on September 14, that she allows herself to evoke the disease of his son, born of his former love with the actor François Cluzet .

When her child had to fight leukemia, the actress did everything to make her fight sweeter and told him ' to believe that everything was happy '.' I did everything to transform everything, because at 4 years old, in the eyes of parents, children believe everything, at that age “, entrusted the actress of 52 years, in C to you . The ex-companion of François Cluzet was particularly inspired by the film Life is Beautiful , by Roberto Benigni, in which a father deported to a German concentration camp with his son during the Second World War, had made him believe that he was in a life-size game for his birthday.

Valérie Bonneton: Her son has 'no bad memories'

Previously, Valérie Bonneton had already confided in her son's illness , au mike of RTL. ' I had work offers, but I turned them down, because there was no way I wasn't spending all my time with him. And for a long time I wanted to tell it, because I did everything to make it ' Life is good in the hospital “, she had explained. And to specify: “ And today my boy is 21, he has no bad memories. He loves people, because there were always lots of people coming: nurses, doctors, etc. He loves doctors. It's always very moving... And I wanted to tell it '.

From her former romance with François Cluzet, Valérie Bonneton also gave birth to a daughter, Marguerite, now 16 years old. ' I love being in contact with them, watching them. They are pure, honest, love and friendship fall on them without their expecting it, without asking themselves any questions. “, she confided.