Twitter going to get paid? These stars who refuse and threaten to leave after the announcement of Elon Musk

The new boss of Twitter has announced that certified accounts will have to pay a subscription to keep their little blue tick. Several personalities are indignant and declare that they refuse to pay.

  Twitter going to get paid? These stars who refuse and threaten to leave after the'annonce d'Elon Musk

Since the acquisition of Twitter, there have been several rumors that the social network would become paid. His new boss, the very divisive businessman Elon Musk has confirmed his plans to charge a portion of users for various services.

In a series of tweets, posted on November 1, the billionaire announces: 'Twitter's current system of lords and peasants for who does or doesn't have a blue tick is bullshit. Provide for the people! Blue for 8 dollars a month '. So the boss of Tesla and Space X wants charge for certification of Twitter accounts , with a price that should vary depending on the country. He then argues that this new feature would allow anyone who wishes to have a certified account and obtain advantages: having fewer ads, greater visibility or even being able to publish longer videos.

Stephen King goes to war against Elon Musk

But this announcement does not delight Internet users and raises a wave of discontent on Twitter, relayed by the hashtag  #AMessageToElonMusk which currently has more than 26,000 tweets. Anonymous but also celebrities revolt. The American author Stephen King got angry this Monday, October 31, in a tweet that went viral. He declares : ' $20 a month to keep my blue tick? And then what else, they should pay me. If this were to be instituted, I'm leaving like Eron '.

Quickly, Elon Musk replied: “ We gotta pay the bills somehow : Twitter [which he bought for the sum of 44 billion dollars and of which he is now the sole boss after having initiated a wave of layoffs, editor's note] cannot rely entirely on advertisers. How about $8? “. He adds in a second message: “ I will explain the rationale in a longer form before this is implemented. It's the only way to defeat bots and trolls '.

Other stars refuse to pay for certification

In addition to the writer, other personalities express their dissatisfaction on the social network. British actress, Kathy Burke is revolted at the idea of ​​paying for the little blue tick . the star of English wedding and Do not swallow Explain : ' They should pay ME. I don't need that crummy thing anyway '.

Lynda Carter , the actress who played Wonder Woman in the cult 1970s series, also announces that she won't pay but in a humorous tone. Along with two photos, one in the Wonder Woman costume and the other as Diana Prince, she says: ' Twitter with the certification against Twitter when I refused to pay 20 dollars a month to have it '.

In France, several personalities, mostly journalists, are indignant at the situation. TV and radio journalist Christophe Beaugrand Gerin is indignant: I learn that Twitter version Elon Musk will become paying for certified accounts! The big heist begins '. Olivier Truchot , journalist on the show The Big Mouths , on RMC, refuses to put his hand in the wallet, he announces on his account: ' Paying for a service that was previously free. Without me ' . As Gregory Leclerc , reporter for the group nice morning which explains : ' Nothing to do with my certification, I will never pay for it, Elon Musk loses the pedals '.

' Ah hey, it seems that my new boss, Elon #Musk, wants to make me pay to continue to twitter. Do not dream Elon, it is not with my money that you will inflate your kitty already billionaire. Amazing, right? #IAmWoke “, adds for his part Jean-Michel Apathy.

Elon Musk and paid certification: explanations of the project

The divisive Elon Musk has asked engineers to work tirelessly on this overhaul of the system, reports AFP. He clarified that subscribers would have other benefits: their tweets will appear in priority, they will be able to post longer videos and audio messages, and will be exposed to ' twice as much advertising ' . The subscription price will be adjusted depending on the country . ' It will also bring revenue to Twitter to reward content creators ', he added.

Elon Musk, whose fortune is estimated at $223 billion, has indicated that profitability is not his priority. But Twitter is a network whose revenue comes 90% from advertising and which has never been very profitable compared to its Californian neighbors Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google (YouTube).