Tribune pro bullfighting signed by Castaner, Muselier and elected officials: Aymeric Caron (anti) shares a shocking video, does his bill have a chance?

Aymeric Caron, elected LFI, tabled a bill in the National Assembly to ban bullfighting. And this subject makes you talk. Since then, the antis and the pros have clashed in the media. Those who refuse the ban signed a platform in the columns of the 'Journal du Dimanche' this weekend, supported by many signatories.

  Tribune pro bullfighting signed by Castaner, Muselier and elected officials: Aymeric Caron (anti) shares a shocking video, does his bill have a chance?

In politics, some subjects are more sensitive than others. And this one is particularly explosive as, on all sides, everyone's feelings are raw. Those who are against highlight the unjustified and unnecessary cruelty of this show and rely on polls rather favorable to their cause. That of the IFOP institute, of June 2022, shows for example that 61% of French people want an end to the killing of bulls . On the other side, the pros claim everyone's freedom and castigate a ' ecototalitarianism '. They have just given voice to make their point of view heard in the media and perhaps they are trying to convince the public to change sides while a bill is in progress.

The pro bullfights show their teeth in the JDD

' From the Landes festivals to the fest-noz in Brittany, from the Dunkirk carnival to the foie gras of the South-West, our country is rich in its multitude of traditions. '. It is with these words that the divisive forum of elected 218 elected at the JDD wanting to prevent the abolition of this practice which had become increasingly controversial with the bull. They explain why they are firmly fighting the end of this decried event.

' We believe in progress, in the fight against global warming, in the defense of the animal condition, and we work on it; but this should not be used as an alibi to erase our cultural singularities, our regional markers, to erase the diversity of who we are (…) “, they say to justify maintaining a spectacle during which an animal ends up dead before the eyes of the general public. The text of the law has already passed the Assembly for the first time on Wednesday, November 16 and has been rejected. He is due back on the mat on Thursday, November 24 . If he has not signed the paper for the weekly, they can count on the support of the Minister of Justice. Eric Dupont-Morreti is a big fan and arena regular.

Among the pro bullfighting signatories: former Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, Renaud Muselier the president of the South region , Patrick De Carolis ex boss of France Télévisions became mayor of Arles or François Patriat, senator of Côte-d'Or ...

Hugo Clément, Jean-Michel Apathie… they are for the ban and say so!

In 100 weeks , the political journalist with a southern accent elaborated with precision on the stages of the killing, the pain of the beast and the cruelty of the entertainment in the face of guest Gabriel Attal. And he spares no detail, even the most gory. ' The bull is so ill, I have attended bullfights, the bull is hemorrhaged and the blood comes out of his mouth, it squirts ', recounted Jean-Michel Apathie . He ends his column by addressing the Keeper of the Seals ' the bull suffers much more than you seem to imagine' .

The companion of the ex-Miss France Alexandra Rosenfeld castigates on Twitter all those who defend this practice. The deputy LR, Olivier Marleix on Public Senate had declared on November 16 ' those who criticize bullfighting are often people who have not seen: banderillas are the equivalent of a hook, so fishing must be banned e'. Hugo Clément replied on the social network: ' Beyond the fact that what he says is technically false, comparing fishing (which consists above all of eating) to bullfighting (which consists of torturing an animal for entertainment), this is really the argument of those who don't. '

Interdiction of the bullfight, est-ce que la loi va passer?

If the debate is raging in the media, the case is almost decided in the hemicycle. La France Insoumise does not have much support on this point. They can't count on the communists who are mostly opposed to it, nor on the socialists who are divided on the question . Carole Delga, PS president of the Occitanie region, for example, is rather on the side of the pros. At the National Rally, Marine Le Pen did not give any specific instructions . in revenge, the presidential majority is of the same opinion as Dupont-Moretti, with a few exceptions and the Republicans are on the same line .

Aymeric Caron, LFI deputy from Paris who is proposing an anti-bullfighting law, struck a new blow on Twitter by posting a shocking video to enlighten people's minds on what bullfighting has in store for bulls...' Here is the ferocious beast that the aficionados describe to us ', he writes wryly.

Without a majority, there is little chance according to our colleagues from France Info that the law will be adopted. On the other hand, the discussions promise, again, to be animated as the subject fascinates.