Towards a return to compulsory mask wearing at school?

Faced with the eighth epidemic wave, the return of the wearing of compulsory masks is being studied by the government. The Minister of Health François Braun asks the French to respect again the barrier gestures, and to wear the mask where 'where there is a high concentration of people'. But what about school? We take stock.

The wearing of masque at school has become optional since March 14, and has even become obsolete in everyday life. However, at the beginning of autumn 2022 marked by an eighth wave, the measure is again at the heart of government discussions . “Recommending the mask to our fellow citizens when they are in somewhat crowded places is completely normal for this to be in the current thinking of this council. (scientist editor's note) ', explained the Minister of Health François Braun on October 4, 2022 on RTL . And for good reason, the Covid-19 epidemic is picking up again currently in France, and even still in phase 'ascending' , underlined Brigitte Autran, president of Covars (Committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks) which replaces the scientific council. The last digits of Public Health France dated October 6, 2022 report 65,537 new cases tested positive, an increase of +27.6% in one week. Faced with this situation, the Minister of Health clearly encourages the French to assiduously resume the barrier gestures . In particular, he recommends 'wear the mask in all places where we are very close to each other, where there is a high concentration of people', such as in public transport, health establishments, bars and restaurants. And at school ?

Wearing a mask at school soon to be compulsory?

For the time being, return the port of the mandatory mask in school is not yet decided by the government . Remember that the level 'at the base', decided a few days before the start of the school year, is still in force at school and operates under normal conditions of reception and management of students. But the protocol also provides for other graduations and measures to be adapted according to the intensity of the epidemic. And if this eighth wave continues to gain momentum, the protocol may soon go up a notch. Anyway for the Minister of Health, wearing a mask when you are around people remains a healthy reflex. 'This is all the more interesting that it works for Covid of course, but also for the flu that is coming, but also for viruses, bronchiolitis in children', he explained on RTL.

What does the health protocol say at school?

Having opted for the so-called 'base' level, i.e. the lowest, students do not currently have to wear a mask on a mandatory basis. . This level indeed plans to follow the measures enacted by the Ministry of Health, and without an official announcement on this side, the students are therefore exempt from masks. On the other hand, those who want it or have to can wear it as part of an individual approach. And if your child is cas contact , it is still strongly recommended that you put a mask on your child for 7 days.

A few days ago, wearing a mask was strongly recommended in health places - pharmacies, health centers, medical biology laboratories - and compulsory in Paris hospitals. Now that contamination is accelerating, this must once again become a reflex in these sensitive places.