Toulouse: Furious, armed with a machete and a can of gasoline, a man attacks his ex-partner! He was coming out of custody...

In Toulouse, a man attacked his ex and his new companion with a machete before trying to kill himself.

  Toulouse: Berserk, armed with'une machette et d'un bidon d'essence, un homme attaque son ex-compagne ! Il sortait de garde à vue...

It is a chilling drama that occurred in the town of Saint Orens , southeast of Toulouse. A man in his thirties violently attacked his ex-girlfriend and his new lover. The drama, which occurred November 21, 2022 in the morning, happened at the cafe Saint-O located avenue de Gameville, near the town hall. The man - ' freshly released from police custody at the Balma gendarmerie ' - arrived at full speed by car and drove into the tables on the terrace. Fortunately, due to the rainy weather, no one was seated on the terrace. There followed several shots of a extreme violence.

What happened in Saint-Orens, at the gates of Toulouse?

The ex-partner who was assaulted was a waitress at the cafe. 'I saw everything, it's absolutely terrible', entrusts a hairdresser, who came to the aid of the young woman, seriously injured , at Actu Toulouse . 'When he saw the gray Peugeot, with his ex's new companion looking for something in the trunk, he wanted to crush her by fitting into the storefront , but he was blocked by the steps in front of the bar. It made a loud noise.' she says. 'He then came out the machete of his car. I quickly went to tell my neighbor to call the gendarmerie. For my part, I ran to get the municipal police, which is two streets away' . A few minutes later, the waitress and ex-companion of the aggressor, black you carried a song . 'When she joined us, she was passed out ', specifies the hairdresser.

With? ' She took three machete blows : head, back, and legs . We took her to the hair salon, to put her in the shelter. I was talking to her so she wouldn't fall asleep. A municipal policewoman carried her upper body, and I lower, with the help of a client, who had an appointment for a haircut at 10 a.m. . He then took on the new companion of the waitress. The latter was attacked with the same weapon in the calf before taking refuge, in turn, in the hairdressing salon. “I was afraid that he would come back to my living room to finish him off” , specifies the hairdresser, still in shock.

A breakup that does not pass

After assaulting the couple, the man tried to set fire to the establishment . 'He put down his machete, took the gas can, spilled it and started spraying the bar ' , always according to the words of the hairdresser. 'After setting fire, he started mutilating his throat with a cutter ' , she clarifies. This attack would occur following a separation that was never accepted by the aggressor. 'The gendarmes of Saint-Orens had already intervened on October 30, 2022 following a collision between the respective vehicles of the separated couple', specifies Samuel Vuelta-Simon, the public prosecutor of Toulouse. But according to the prosecutor, ' the investigation and the hearings of the victim and the author had not made it possible to deduce that the clash was voluntary ' .

On the couple's side, the vital prognosis is not engaged . 'The woman was able to return to her home' said the prosecutor adding that 'his new companion will be operated on Tuesday for a broken leg' . Concerning the aggressor, his vital prognosis is no longer engaged and he 'will likely be heard on Tuesday' by the gendarmes.

An investigation was opened for 'attempted assassination by spouse'.