Top Chef 2022 objective: here are all the details of season 8

GOAL TOP CHEF. Air date, new co-presenter, celebrity guests... Here's everything you need to know about Objective Top Chef Season 8.

  Objective Top Chef 2022: here are all the details of season 8

[Updated Aug 23, 2022 2:53 PM] Goal Top Boss will be back in September 2022 on M6. In the middle of filming the final phase of the competition, which allows a young chef to join the show top chef, Philippe Etchebest answered questions from journalists during a press conference. And the Meilleur Ouvrier de France was not alone! who will be his co-presenter for this 8th season? Who are the candidates ? And the guest chefs ? We tell you everything.

When will Objective Top Chef season 8 be broadcast?

Season 8 of Objectif Top Chef will be broadcast from Monday September 5 at 6:40 p.m. on M6. The principle of the show remains the same: find the best apprentice or amateur cook who will be able to join the major Top Chef competition, whose filming will begin next fall.

Who will be Philippe Etchebest's co-presenter?

Surprise ! This year, Philippe Etchebest will not be alone in supporting the young candidates since he will be supported by Pierre Chomet , ex-candidate of season 12 of Top Chef. The young Breton will be responsible for welcoming the invited personalities - such as Jérémy Frérot, David Douillet or even Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022 – but also anonymous people who will play the role of lambda customers. The opinion of the latter will count in the same way as that of Philippe Etchebest to decide between the plates of the candidates. 'The axis of this new season is to combine excellence with a desire for proximity and accessible, everyday cuisine', explains Guillaume Charles, director general of programs at M6. Pierre Chomet will also be alongside the candidates' friends and families during the tastings to collect their impressions.

What are the new challenges?

This year, no 'Top Chef Academy'. This novelty introduced last year allowed the nine best candidates to integrate a kind of training camp where they competed in cult Top Chef events. This year, the candidates will be decided in a classic way, with plates judged every day by great chefs such as Christelle Brua , pastry chef at the Élysée, or Victor Mercier , former Top Chef recently starred in the Michelin Guide.

Who are the Top Chef Objective candidates?

Of course, it is impossible to know the identity of the candidates for this new season of Objectif Top Chef. Philippe Etchebest nevertheless specified that they would be 60 and not 108 like last year . 'This will allow me to better follow them and get to know them,' said the MOF. The production adds that it has received 'thousands of applications' this year, including a third of amateurs and two thirds of young people in training. Who will succeed Pascal Barandoni ? Answer from the start of the 2022 school year.