Tokio Inkarami, the trendy hair care to repair your hair

Tokio Inkarami is a hair care rich in proteins and keratin which repairs the hair and protects it from external aggressions. It is the ideal solution for hair in search of hydration and shine, especially after returning from summer vacation or in winter when the hair is duller.

  Tokio Inkarami, the trendy hair care to repair your hair

What is Tokio Inkarami treatment?

The tokio inkarami treatment is a repairing and regenerating hair treatment. Its formula contains six different kinds of keratin and amino acids including meadowfoam (vegetal active ingredient highly appreciated for its sheathing action) and fullerene (nobelised active ingredient for its ability to penetrate the treatment to the cortex of the hair without heat). This treatment is intended for all types of hair lacking shine, hydration, attacked by the daily use of hairdressing tools or coloring techniques. It is also for healthy hair that wants to stay that way. With the promise to increase hair strength by 140%, it stands out as an essential beauty hair treatment.

How to do the Tokio Inkarami treatment?

The Tokio Inkarami treatment comes from Japan, a country where hair care is legion. It is done in the salon in five steps, in the hands of a professional hairdresser trained in the protocol.

  1. The hairdresser starts with a neutral pH shampoo to rid the hair of all impurities (pollution, product residue, perspiration, etc.)
  2. On clean, wet hair, the hairdresser sprays a first product, strand by strand, which will help to open the scales to then facilitate the penetration of the care.
  3. To bring a first shot of hydration, we superimpose a product based on keratin and hydrolyzed amino acids that we will leave for 15 minutes under a steamer.
  4. After a new shampoo made with a scalp brush to massage the scalp and promote blood circulation, the hairdresser applies a treatment based on ceramides and fatty acids to make the hair shine. He pats each strand with his hand to fully penetrate the treatment.
  5. After going through the tub to rinse the hair, the hairdresser applies an oil containing active ingredients that will close the cuticles and seal in the moisture.

At the end of the protocol, the hair regains vitality, softness and shine. A result that will last 6 to 8 weeks.

Does the Tokio treatment smooth the hair?

No, the Tokio Inkarami treatment does not straighten the hair. On the other hand, as it makes the hair more supple and silky, it will facilitate styling. On curly hair, waves will have more bounce and definition , fine hair will be denser and shinier, while colored hair will be revived.

How to care for Tokio Inkarami treatment?

At home, to prolong the benefits of the Tokio treatment it will be necessary to wash and care for the hair with the products of the brand since they are composed with the same active ingredients or, failing that, use a sulphate-free shampoo followed by a keratin mask.

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What advice?

Tokio Inkarami is a unique deep hair treatment. After the protocol the result is immediate. The hair is both denser and lighter. We have the feeling that the scalp has been purified. Rid of all impurities and residues of pollution and styling products, hair regains vitality and shine . A week later, the result is still there, even more effective because the hair is easier to comb and stays in good shape.

Since September, it has been possible to increase the benefits of Tokio Inkarami tenfold by carrying out the Tokio pre-shampoo protocol before the protocol, a cleansing treatment rich in urea (ingredient with exceptional exfoliating and moisturizing properties) which will promote the absorption of the treatments.

Where can I get a Tokio Inkarami treatment?

To benefit from a Tokio Inkarmai treatment, count 50 minutes on site and a budget ranging from 90 to 200 euros.
Salon David Lucas, 20 rue Danielle Casanova, 75002 Paris