Tiger, your horoscope for June 2023

What does this month of June 2023 hold for people of the sign of the Tiger? The answer with the wise advice of our Chinese horoscope, from love to health through an opinion to ponder...

 Tiger, your horoscope for June 2023

Love & Dating

 Horoscope amour

Your married life will enjoy a beautiful balance under the complicit eye of the star Van Xuong. Kind and considerate towards others, you will appreciate the happiness of living with your spouse or partner by multiplying the opportunities to please each other. Single, your know-how combined with your real desire to please will allow you to satisfy some of your romantic ambitions. However, be careful to control your rather paternalistic side, otherwise there would be a certain risk of conflicts.

Money & work

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This time, under the impetus of the star Loc Ton, you will agree to impose a discipline on yourself instead of constantly working on inspiration. Gradually, you will manage to make sustained efforts more easily and acquire a very advantageous regularity. You will be lucky thanks to the good influx of the star Long Duc. The financial transactions you make, especially those involving foreigners or foreign companies, will be successful. A business trip will turn out to be very lucrative, or a pleasure trip will bring you unexpected profits.

Health & Fitness

 health horoscope

To restore your energy, regularly drink herbal teas of thyme, pellitory, rosemary and linden sapwood. The aromatic essences of juniper and mint will do you the greatest good. Alternate calcium cures with magnesium. Clay or mud cures will give you a thunderous tone.

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astro advice

 astro advice

You will not go unnoticed these days. You will be able to show, energetically if necessary, that you exist. You will impose yourself, both by your physical presence and by your formidable efficiency. You will expedite all the tasks that fall to you, especially the most tedious ones, at high speed. And you will apply Ovid's maxim to the letter: 'Either not try, or go all the way'. Well supported by the very invigorating solar climate, you will be able to make the most of the opportunities that arise, and you will strive to communicate your joie de vivre to those you love. The situation could deteriorate a little towards the middle of the month, during the transit of the star Truc Phu, but you will manage to raise the bar before the end of the month.

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