Thrift stores in Marseille: vintage, luxury or per kilo clothing

Looking for new fashion pieces to find in thrift stores in Marseille? Retro, responsible, luxury or even streetwear... Here are our best addresses for finding vintage nuggets.

  Thrift stores in Marseille: vintage, luxury or per kilo clothing

For dress cheap and trendy in Marseille , direction the best thrift stores from the city. It is in these boutiques, which are passed down from fashionista to fashionista, that fashionistas find vintage clothing or at low prices particularly stylish. Follow the leader !

Where to find a thrift store by the kilo in Marseille?

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Kilo Shop

Good news ! On February 4, 2023, Kilo Shop settled in Marseilles. After having opened in several cities in France, such as Paris, Angers, Lyon and Brest, this vintage brand renowned for selling second-hand products per kilo settled in a space of 600 m 2 .

  • Most : each vintage item is categorized according to a color code which indicates the price of the item ranging from €20 to €60 per kg. Then, scales are available in the store to determine the exact price of his finds before going to checkout. Handy, right?
  • Address : 38, rue Saint-Férreol, Marseille I is

What are the must-visit luxury thrift stores in Marseille?

  thrift store-marseille-melanine-vintage
The Marseille thrift store Mélanine Vintage

vintage melanin

Here, you will find luxury vintage pieces including designer clothes and accessories Dior , Vivienne Westwood or Gucci . A real treat for lovers of big houses and retro fashion. The mood? Pay homage to 90's and 00's fashion with lots of rhinestones and sequins.

  • Most : it is also possible to buy the clothes online!
  • Address : 16, rue Pastoret, Marseille VI th
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​​​​​​Vintage Coconut

In this thrift store, you will find luxury pieces , but also high-end ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. The items on offer come almost exclusively from the 80's and 90's.

  • Most : new arrivals are posted on Instagram so that customers don't miss anything about restocking.
  • Address : 13, rue des Trois-Mage, Marseille VI th

What are the best streetwear thrift stores in Marseille?

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​​​​​​Saint Marius

Looking for trendy, casual and modern fashion pieces? Direction Saint Marius , which offers classic, colorful, original and casual clothing and accessories. Calvin Klein, blush , Sandro, Kenzo , Freelance, To Surper ... Many brands are available. Something to satisfy all styles. Spoiler: the shoes and jewelry are breathtaking!

  • Most : at this address you can also drop off and buy second hand.
  • Address : 2, rue Perlet, Marseille VIII th
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Head quarter

What we love about Head quarter ? Jul, the Nike TNs and OM. A mix that goes rather well together, to be found in this shop where vintage, upcycled pieces and creations come together.

  • Most : the second address of Maison Mère, Merguez Fripe, located in the Cour Julien district, to make the pleasure last.
  • Address : 5, rue du Chevalier Roze, Marseille II th

Which thrift store has the best retro clothes?

  thrift store-marseille-lilou-vintage
The colorful storefront of the Lilou Vintage thrift store in Marseille

Vintage Lilou

Located in the very colorful district of Cour Julien, the boutique Vintage Lilou is the second-hand store par excellence. Embroidered dresses, leather jackets and XXL sunglasses make up the selection of this store with retro accents.

  • Most : the clothes date exclusively from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. The best.
  • Address : 1 bis, rue Pastoret, Marseille VI th

Where to shop for vintage clothes at a charity thrift store?

The selection of Human Solidarity Friperie


For vintage, but responsible clothing, go to the Humana boutique in Marseille. Founded by the association Humana France, it brings together a wide choice of clothing for men and women.

  • Most : for each purchase, a percentage is donated to a solidarity association. It is also possible to deposit used clothes there which will then be recycled.
  • Address : 105 rue de Lodi, Marseille VI th