Three days after the start of the school year, the ATSEM are on strike

This Monday, September 5, the ATSEM (Specialized Territorial Agents of Nursery Schools) responded to the call to strike. Unions like the CGT are demanding higher wages and better working conditions for the profession.

  Three days after the start of the school year, the ATSEM are on strike

[Updated September 5, 2022 at 4:42 p.m.] In a very tense context of Back to School , between the vocations crisis affecting the profession of teachers and the shortages of professionals in the sector, a new body of professions is showing its unhappiness. After child nurses, teachers, school bus drivers, now it's the Atsem's turn to mobilize and go on strike.

Atsem strike 3 days after the start of the school year

A few days after the start of the school year, the CGT, Force Ouvrière and Unsa unions launched a call for a national strike the Atsem (Territorial agent specialized in preschool ) this Monday, September 5 . These civil servants, essential to the proper functioning of schools, are demanding higher salaries and better working conditions. In a press release published on Twitter , the CGT is asking for major changes for the profession, namely:

  • a 'immediate increase (of the) wages of 183 euros net monthly'
  • a ' reduction in working time to 32 hours per week'
  • 'one Atsem per class at least throughout school time',
  • a 'thawing and an immediate recovery of the value of the index point by at least 10%'
  • the 'recognition of the arduousness of the job' and 'educational duties'
  • of the 'immediate replacements in the event of understaffing'.

As a reminder, today in France, there are nearly 50,000 Atsem, mainly women (99%) . Their role ? Accompany children from 3 to 6 years old on a daily basis, whether to take them to the toilet, watch them at recess and in the canteen, help the teacher in the activities... for a average salary of 1,300 to 1,800 euros net depending on seniority , reported France Info . If their missions have evolved in recent years, this is unfortunately not the case with their status or their professional career. 'There are more and more Atsem who want to retrain because they are saturated, they are exhausted' , entrusts an Atsem to our colleagues. Problems that we find in the field of early childhood, hit hard by a shortage of qualified professionals.

A new strike planned for the end of the month

For this new school year, the Atsem intend to make their demands heard. Especially since their colleagues in charge of children, nursing assistants and childcare assistants, had an upgrade last year. They were promoted to category B, unlike the Atsem. others social movements are planned in the coming weeks, in particular on September 29 , said the CGT.