This Top Chef candidate shows how he's affected by inflation (in an original way)

Merouan Bounekraf, former Top Chef contestant, posted a video on his TikTok account to show the impact of rising energy costs. And he managed to turn it with humor.

 This Top Chef candidate shows how he is affected by the'inflation (d'une manière originale)

Use humor to convey a message. That's what wanted to do Merouan Bounekraf , baker and former candidate of Top Boss . With energy prices soaring, the chef and many others have seen their bills explode. But for Merouan Bounekraf , out of the question to increase the prices of his delicacies, the chef prefers to raise awareness, in his own way...

An invoice as a message

And to do this, nothing could be simpler, the baker decided to display his last electricity bill on the window of his business. In a humorous tone, he stages himself, explaining what this new poster is at the entrance to his bakery breading . 'What is this leaf there?', asks his interlocutor. 'That, with writing €11,403 ? I won EuroMillions! explains Merouan Bounekraf. Before going back on his words a bit mockingly. 'Oh no actually it's my electricity bill for 30 days . So : 400 bales per day. ' But despite this sum, the baker chose to do not raise prices, 'because we're not bastards!', he adds. 'At Panade, we don't raise prices despite price increases, did you get it?' , he added under his video already viewed more than a million times.

Do we redo the presentations?

If the name of Merouan Bounekraf means something to you, it's normal! Top Chef candidate in 2019 , the cook made an impression with his humour, his joie de vivre and his striking quotes. A personality who moreover pleased M6 since the chef subsequently co-hosted numerous cooking shows chain. ' Top Boss , the most extraordinary restaurants', 'My cake is the best in France', or even 'The best pastry chef, cakes to order', he challenged many candidates from the flagship pastry program. Today, Merouan Bounekraf n is not only present on television. parisian bakery breading , he sells his flagship creations there: bi-flavored croissants. But also a large number of original and gourmet pastries.