This (must-have) brand is the most popular second-hand

The online site of promotional codes Savoo conducted a study on consumer practices in Europe and unveiled the ranking of the most sought-after brands on second-hand e-shops.

 This (must-have) brand is the most popular second-hand

Savo , the French promotional code e-shop, recently carried out a study on consumption practices in Europe and analyzed the number of adverts referenced on four online second-hand platforms: Depop , eBay , Communal changing room And ASOS Marketplace . The idea? Determine the most searched brands on these different sites. And it's the spanish label Zara which rises to first place in the top, followed by Nike , Adidas , H&M , El Secreto de Victoria , ASOS , Levi's , Louis Vuitton , Gucci , Chanel , Cougar , The North Face , Burberry , Prada And Michael Kors . Savoo's study notes that Zara accumulates  670 000 articles cataloged on the various platforms, in particular Depop, the British Vinted, which houses 439,696 pieces from the collections of the Spanish brand.

Finland and Paris, places with good consumption practices

In addition to the ranking of the most popular brands, Savoo also revealed the top 10 of the most responsible European countries in fashion . The Finland is in first place, Denmark in second, followed by Slovenia, Austria, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and finally Germany. In this study, Savoo took into account the sustainability report established by the University of Cambridge in 2022. It assessed the 193 UN Member States against 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In first place, Finland gets a score of 86.51 out of 100, with very good consumption practices of its people. In France, it is Paris , would you Big Four (the four fashion capitals of New York, London, Milan and Paris, therefore), which is the French city most willing to adopt responsible consumption practices, with an index score of 7.65 out of 10. To obtain This result, a classification was made thanks to the monthly analysis of Google searches for the words ' flea market ', ' second hand clothes ', ' thrift stores ', ' used furniture ' And ' zero waste shops ', in the 15 most populated cities in France, per 100,000 inhabitants.