This modeling agency breaks the codes of beauty with models that are out of the ordinary (and we love it)

Become a model despite her imperfections? It is possible today thanks to the Italian modeling agency 'Imperfect' which wishes to redefine the criteria of beauty by highlighting 'imperfect' models.

  This modeling agency breaks the codes of beauty with models that come out of the'ordinaire (et on adore)

The modeling agency Imperfect has made a bold choice: to step outside the norm to promote women with 'extraordinarily imperfect' beauty.

An agency that wishes to redefine the criteria of beauty

Also called the 'Real People Agency', the Imperfect modeling agency lives up to its name. His credo? Say goodbye to classic canons of beauty by offering faces with atypical contours. Created in 2020 by Carlotta Giancane, the agency selects only models that defy pre-established standards of beauty by the fashion industry. An assumed risk-taking by which she wishes to stand out. Because if such agencies already exist in Europe or the United States, this is the first of this type in Italy. ' We want to spread the image of a normal, free and different woman. '

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Indeed, for the Imperfect agency, it is the personality that takes precedence over the physical. We have always been used to thinking of a standard when we talk about elegance and refinement, this standard must be broken. All women should feel represented and valued. “Through her work, she hopes that new generations will thrive loving each other for who they really are.

A spotlight on 'imperfect' women

Imperfect is an agency that represents models of all sizes, ages, and genders. Some have visible scars, suffer from a disability or medical conditions such as alopecia and vitiligo.

'Every woman should feel represented and valued, regardless of body shape, beyond stereotypes and unattainable ideals of beauty.'

On the agency's website, there are testimonials from models who open up about their complexes that have become strengths. While some still face discrimination, they encourage celebrating diversity and promoting a broader vision of beauty, as model Roberta Arcuri puts it: ' Strong, brave and ambitious. I try to spread positive messages all the time, my life philosophy is: love yourself and others will surely love you too. '

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or Sonia Sparta who suffers from hyperpigmentation (a skin disease that causes spots on her body) who by becoming a photo model, learned to live with her disease, and to accept herself as she is. The path to inclusive beauty is on.