Thierry Olive (ADP) drunk and threatening: condemned by justice, what is his sanction?

Spotted in 2012 in 'Love is in the meadow', Thierry Olive is an emblematic candidate for the M6 ​​show. But this Tuesday, October 11, 2022, he had to answer for his actions in court for acts of violence against gendarmes that occurred last February…

 Thierry Olive (ADP) drunk and threatening: condemned by justice, what is his sanction?

In 2012, in the tenth season of the popular M6 show Love is in the meadow , the French men and women discovered Thierry Olive, an endearing and original breeder of cows, originally from a small town in the Manche department. They were then very quickly passionate about his love story with Annie, whom he married in stride despite some family quarrels. And with whom he has since founded a home. But last February, viewers discovered another facet of the farmer. Justice has since gone through this...

Thierry Olive, drunk and violent, facing the gendarmes

Indeed, on February 11, 2022, passers-by had seen a van and its trailer lying in a ditch near the town of Lorey (Sleeve). Noting that the driver was drunk, they had decided to call the gendarmes who had immediately moved in the company of a dozen firefighters.

Upon their arrival, the police immediately recognized the emblematic candidate. But they also had to deal with his violence, both physical and verbal . Insults, death threats and various and varied blows: the altercation was muscular to say the least. After a stint at the station, and a test of blood alcohol level , it was revealed that Thierry Olive had a rate of 1.84 grams of alcohol per liter of blood . He obviously had no right to drive with such a rate.

What was Thierry Olive convicted of?

This Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the 54-year-old man was therefore tried by the court of Coutances in the Channel . And he kept a low profile! The candidate of Love is in the meadow season 10 initially offered his most sincere apologies to the gendarmes and firefighters, but he also detailed his failing health - he is seriously diabetic - and his depressive state. The former star of the small screen was therefore sentenced to three months in prison, with a probationary period of two years. , and an obligation to treat his alcoholism. His driver's license was also revoked for the next six months.