Thierry Beccaro, beaten and 'dead' child: his secrets to Michel Cymes

Assailed by his father's beatings in his childhood, Thierry Beccaro bears the scars of violence. The former animator of 'Motus' delivered himself openly to Michel Cymes in 'Ça Ne Sortira Pas d'Ici'.

 Thierry Beccaro, battered child and"mort": ses confidences à Michel Cymes

Thierry Becaro lived his entire childhood in fear. In his book I was born at 17 , released in 2018, former host of Movement told the horror of his battered childhood . Difficult to forget the fear in the face of threats, blows his alcoholic father . On the set of It Will Not Come Out of Here, Thierry Becaro returned to this painful passage of his life, with Michael Cymes . ' I am very touched because this period that I am living since the release of the book, it is love that I may not have had before “, he first clarified.

Thierry Beccaro, facing Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde

What the animator feared most as a child was the changing mood of his parent , who could show sensitivity and, in a flash, he died in monster . ' That's what drives you crazy is when you don't know if you're going to have to do Doctor Jekyll or Mister Hyde. It could be every other day, every third day. And the slightest pretext, it was a beating . It was something unimaginable. I did not understand, like all children who are victims of this. A child does not have the psychological structure to understand what happens when we hit him, when we smash him' , explained with emotion the host of 63 years, before telling the episode he considers the most terrible of this long nightmare .

'That night I died'

One evening of his 17th birthday , the teenager was about to fall asleep, aware that his father had been drinking . Disturbed by a disturbing noise, he got up to see what it was...when he saw his father threatening his mother . ' That night I died ', he confided to Michel Cymes. This is not the first time that the host has recounted with horror this night of horror. ' I see my father taking aim at my mother with a gun. I'm 17, I'm going to pass the baccalaureate. I say, 'Daddy what are you doing? '', he remembered on the show It starts today . Disturbed by the presence of his son, the executioner finally put down the weapon . At this moment, Thierry Beccaro found himself speechless, frozen blood : ' I can no longer speak. You feel like your life is stopping '.