Thibaut Spiwack: the Top Chef signed the letter to the rest of Emily in Paris

In Emily in Paris, Gabriel owes a lot to former Top Chef Thibaut Spiwack. We will explain everything to you !

  Thibaut Spiwack: the Top Chef has signed the restaurant menu'Emily in Paris

Since the end of December, season 3 of Emily in Paris a hit on Netflix! As in previous episodes, the young woman regularly meets Gabriel , the chef who runs a restaurant just below his apartment.

In this third season, Gabriel develops his establishment which becomes L'Esprit de Gigi, a restaurant where the young man highlights his Norman origins by modernizing his grandmother's classics. For the needs of the series, the production therefore called upon Thibaut Spiwack , manager of the restaurant Anon in Paris but also old Top Chef candidate 2022, in order to imagine the restaurant menu. Flower tart, Pont l'Evêque mousse with Isigny cream; Norman garden, earth emulsion, pear condiment, Calvados saffron; Shellfish served warm, brioche roasted like meat, mousse and marinière juice or even Tergoule from my grandmother, milk jam... These mouth-watering dishes seen on screen were imagined by Thibaut Spiwack, holder of a green star to Guide Michelin . You now know thanks to whom Gabriel cracks the taste buds of all of Paris in Emily in Paris !

What is Thibault Spiwack's background?

After obtaining his professional culinary baccalaureate, Thibaut Spiwack began his career as a clerk at the Four Seasons George V, before becoming chef de partie at Alain Senderens at Lucas Cardboard. In 2011 and for four years, the young man also held the position of sous-chef at the Jules Verne restaurant in Alain Ducasse installed on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, then the position of chef at the Hôtel Particulier de Montmartre. In the meantime, Thibaut Spiwack has put his knives in England but also in Australia. The media also talked a lot about the young chef during the tragic events that occurred during the summer of 2021. His little sister Virginie, aged 32, lost her life during the fires in the Var. On his Facebook page, Thibaut Spiwack paid tribute to her: 'Goodbye little sister. Your train stops here, in the middle of a forest overlooking the sea, in the mountains of the Var. Thank you to all those who helped us to trying to find her. Your help made it possible for us to return heaven and earth, even though it was already too late.'

Where to find his restaurant?

Thibaut Spiwack is chef and owner of the restaurant Anona, opened in 2019 in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. In this establishment, the chef has decided to adopt an eco-responsible approach - reducing waste, limiting water consumption, green electricity and of course local products. The restaurant has also been awarded a green star by the Michelin Guide for its commitment.

In early 2022, Thibaut Spiwack created Starving Club, a street food brand paying tribute to three different cultures: those of La Grève, Asia and the United States. The place is open continuously 7 days a week and the offer is available on site, but also for take-out and delivery. In May of the same year, Thibaut Spiwack signs the menu of Fabula, an ephemeral restaurant offering shared dishes located within the Carnavalet Museum. The chef also imagined the recipes for L'Esprit de Gigi, Gabriel's restaurant in the Emily in Paris series on Netflix.

How to define your kitchen?

At Anona, Thibaut Spiwack offers eco-responsible cuisine based on products from short circuits, preferably from Ile-de-France. An approach that seems logical today, but which was not as much when Anona opened. 'I had the feeling that I had to justify myself, but when you think about it, it's not up to me to do it. A colleague who sells out-of-season products or reheats prepared meals should have to justify himself. with its customers. Me, no', judge Thibaut Spiwack on the site of the Michelin Guide.

they are instagram

Do you want to follow the evolution of Thibaut Spiwack? The chef regularly updates his Instagram page @thibautspiwack where he shares some photos of dishes, of his favorite products but also of his chef friends.