'They are crazy': What Sarkozy, annoyed, reproaches Emmanuel Macron...

Nicolas Sarkozy does not always share the opinion of Emmanuel Macron. The former head of state revealed, to a quidam, that he was flabbergasted by a new idea from the president of the Republic...

"Ils sont fous" : Ce que Sarkozy, agacé, reproche à Emmanuel Macron...

Obviously, Nicolas Sarkozy is hardly favorable to legalization of euthanasia in France, while Emmanuel Macron announced the launch of a citizens' convention on the end of life to potentially establish a new ' legal framework ' by 2023. The former President of the Republic, who signed his latest book The Time of Storms , at a Republican banquet organized by former Minister Edouard Courtial, had a rather surprising conversation with a fellow, September 13.

Nicolas Sarkozy, flabbergasted: 'They went crazy'

This fellow, who came to have his book signed, took the opportunity to launch Nicolas Sarkozy: ' You'll be careful that old people don't get stung , please '.' That, I don't like 'replied the former head of state, to indicate that he was not in favor of the law passing. ' I have the impression that we are badly crossed, huh? “, added the man. “ They have gone mad! They are mad ! “, then exclaimed the husband of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy . A sequence filmed and broadcast on the TMC show, Daily .

Euthanasia: Line Renaud 'convinced' Macron

Words that may offend Line Renaud , who fights ardently for the legalization of euthanasia in France. On September 14, the 94-year-old actress assured, at the microphone of RTL, that she had ' convinced ' Emmanuel Macron to relaunch the debate on the right to die with dignity . ' During a dinner where I returned to the question, the President made me understand that it was going to be done “, added the actress.

Sarkozy and Macron, good friends

If Nicolas Sarkozy therefore seems to disagree with Emmanuel Macron on the question of euthanasia , the husband of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is rather often laudatory when he evokes the leadership of the President of the Republic. ' I believe he has the necessary experience in the face of a serious international crisis that is more complex than ever, […] that its economic project puts the promotion of work at the center of all its priorities (…) that its European commitment is clear and unambiguous ', said Nicolas Sarkozy about Macron, on his Facebook account, last April.

According The Parisian , the head of state has just appointed the former president as French representative at Shinzo Abe's funeral , the Japanese Prime Minister assassinated last July, which are to take place on September 27.

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