These new limited edition sauces at McDonald's will surely tell you something...

The McNuggets have new partners. McDonald's unveiled 'Sauces of Temptation' on October 4, 2022. Three new condiments available in limited edition until early November.

 These new limited edition sauces at McDonald's's vous diront sûrement quelque chose...

You like them in burgers, here they are now in pots! On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, McDonald's announced the release of three new sauces in these restaurants. condiments that come straight from the famous burgers of the firm. And we can say that fast food does not have skimped on the promotional campaign. Like a advertisement for a new movie romance , McDonald's staged a love affair between the McNuggets and these new potted flavors. In the teaser title poster 'Sauces of Temptation' , rave reviews and comments were added: ' best duet ', ' better taste ' or ' best love story '. Everything is in place so that customers fall under the spell of these flavors that will surely be familiar to them . It's almost a certainty: these new features will overshadow the ketchup and mayonnaise.

The mythical sauces of your pot burgers

On the menu, you will be able to find the iconic Big Mac sauce in small individual trays, more than two years after it was first put on sale. Since October 4, 2022, it is available alongside Royal Deluxe Old Fashioned Mustard Flavor Seasoning . Finally, the last sauce is desired... Its arrival in the menus is scheduled for October 25, 2022 . The fries or nuggets can from that day be accompanied by the condiment with grilled flavour: Big Tasty sauce. But beware, fans need to hurry! These sauces will be available in restaurants until November 7 2022.

On the heels of the new release announcements, McDonald's promoted the new 'Royal Deluxe Bacon', on sale October 5 2022. This new burger from the Royal range, consisting of a minced steak, bacon and the mythical Deluxe sauce , is a limited edition.