These colors are the trendiest of the season according to Cristina Cordula

Go back to class quietly, Cristina Cordula teaches her lesson of the day: what colors to choose according to your complexion for spring-summer 2023?

  These colors are the trendiest of the season according to Cristina Cordula

The fashion videos of Christina Cordula always full of valuable advice. On her Instagram account, on Friday May 5, 2023, the image consultant revealed to the camera the colors to wear according to her skin tone. spring-summer 2023 . Ready to take notes?

'How about the trendy colors of the season?' , begins Cristina Cordula, before setting up the top summer des nuances : 'Baby blue is going to be the color of the season! And if you're blonde with a fair complexion, this color looks great on you! Colors sunset , it's pink, orange, yellow, slightly pale purple, it suits you perfectly if you have dark skin like mine, and even darker! And if you're golden blonde, it's super pretty on you!' Shades that can be worn in gradients or in small touches to brighten up your outfit.

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The TV host continues her lesson of the day, unveiling new colors: 'Pink thanks to the film Barbie , it's still relevant! And it suits you very well if you are blonde or mixed race! THE neon colors , whether it's neon blue, neon pink, neon yellow... You see neon everywhere! It's great in the summer when you're tanned, it's a really nice color. And if you have black skin, then it's beautiful!' Then, Cristina Cordula tackles a color much appreciated by fashionistas: the beige . 'If you have olive skin like mine, beige isn't for you... If you're golden blonde, warm beiges and beiges that turn yellow are more suitable for you. If you have the red hair, beige rather rosy looks great on you! But if you are very pale, ivory skin, beige is not for you. And if you have black skin, beige is fine!' . Before concluding, the former model reveals to her community the nuance the most sparkling of summer, the Golden : ' it suits you very well if you have a warm complexion '. Her advice? If it's not the most flattering shade for your skin tone, keep it away from your face and go for a gold handbag, pair of shoes, pants or skirt instead. Smart, right?

L' outfit colorful Cristina Cordula

To film her lesson of the day, the queen of style applied her tips de pro in terms of colors. She bet on a T-shirt with sunset shades, a subtle degraded pink, orange and purple. To complete her outfit, she wore a silver necklace as well as golden hoops, a pair from her impressive collection! On her top was written do you love . A colorful message of love.