These 5 Incredible Natural Ingredients Make Dark Circles and Puffiness Go Away

Nature is an inexhaustible resource of beauty ingredients. Discover 5 plants, fruits or vegetables to reduce dark circles and puffiness, and regain a fresher look!

  These 5 amazing natural ingredients make dark circles and puffiness disappear in a flash'œil

The eye area, often marked by lack of sleep and/or poor blood and lymphatic circulation, can greatly benefit from the benefits of Mother Nature. Here is 5 natural concealer and anti-puffiness ingredients to discover to soothe the eyes and sublimate the look.

Green tea to decongest the eyelids

The green tea is a natural ingredient that is not lacking in interest for the health, the line but also the beauty of the skin. Very rich in antioxidants, its leaves also contain caffeine with toning and vasoconstrictor properties . Used on the eyelids, green tea leaves will activate blood microcirculation and reduce water retention under the eyes. The result ? A decidedly fresher look.

To enjoy the benefits of green tea, infuse two tea bags (preferably organic) in water at 70° for two minutes. Once the tea is ready, remove the mousselines and bring them down to temperature before placing them in the refrigerator for about ten minutes. Very fresh sachets, you can put them on your closed eyelids and leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes.

Cucumber to wake up the eyes

We no longer present the cucumber , one of the favorite ingredients for skin lacking radiance and hydration. But its virtues do not stop there: this gourd contains a natural toxin with anti-inflammatory properties, cucurbitacin E , which has the effect of loosening and softening the inflamed tissue. Exactly what sleepy eyes still need to open up to the world.

To gently awaken your eyes, cut two slices of cucumber and place them in the refrigerator for ten minutes to cool. Once cool, place them on your eyelids and wait a quarter of an hour for them to take effect. Guaranteed shine!

Coffee grounds to smooth puffiness

The coffee grounds , which is none other than the residue of coffee brewing, is full of skin benefits, so it would be a shame to throw it away after your daily espresso! Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals , it is mainly used in 'homemade' beauty preparations for its caffeine content, an excellent vascular tonic that visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles.

To help decongest the sensitive eye contour area, you can prepare an anti-fatigue mask by mixing a spoonful of cooled coffee grounds with a spoonful of cottage cheese . Leave the mixture on for about fifteen minutes then rinse with clean water. You can help yourself with a cotton ball to gently remove the mask and avoid getting it in your eyes.

Cornflower water to soothe the eyes

L' cornflower floral water (we also speak of hydrosol) has been used since Antiquity for its effects on the radiance of the complexion but also on the freshness of the eyes! Indeed, his soothing, anti-inflammatory, toning and refreshing properties make it a very complete beauty treatment for the whole face. Of natural origin, it is obtained by steam distillation of blueberry flowers.

To be able to take advantage of the benefits of cornflower water to refresh your eyes and chase away puffiness and dark circles, soak two compresses or cotton pads in liquid then apply them to your eyes for about ten minutes . For an even more invigorating ice cube effect, you can keep the blueberry water in the fridge between uses.

Lemon to reduce dark circles

Thanks to that high in vitamin C , Lemon juice is the ultimate natural 'glow boost' ingredient! On the other hand, mixed in small amounts with other moisturizing ingredients, it can be formidable against acne scars, fine lines and even dark circles!

To brighten a dark eye contour, you can make a homemade concealer mask by mixing 2 or 3 drops of lemon juice with a tablespoon of well-done cottage cheese. To apply the mixture on your lower eyelids, use a small make-up brush with synthetic bristles in order to obtain a precise application and thus avoid getting lemon juice in the mucous membrane. After 15 minutes of exposure, you can remove the mask with a cotton pad soaked in water.