The ultra-simple TikTok trick for twisting a shirt

On TikTok, everyone has their own way of adapting classic clothing to current fashion trends. Here is a special summer one to transform a simple shirt into a hot top.

 L'astuce TikTok ultra simple pour twister une chemise

It's summer, we have a party tonight and we would like to wear new clothes. The little problem is that we don't have time to roam the shops looking for the perfect outfit. Fortunately, the TikTok application is full of fashion tips that make life easier. And techniques for wear a piece in several ways are not lacking either. TikTokeuse @eliefy, followed by more than 700,000 people, revealed how to transform a shirt satin cowl neck top . We reassure you, this trick does not require knowing how to master sewing. You just need the shirt of your choice. For the rest, just follow these steps:

1. Button a shirt to the middle.

2. Turn the shirt to wear it inside out.

3. Tie the two sleeves around the neck.

4. Tuck the surplus of the shirt into the pants.

And here is a chic little top that enhances any look!

One shirt for two outfits

There are actually a multitude of ways to display this must-have piece in a chic and original way. In case the first trick does not fully satisfy you, the TikTokeuse offers a second, just as easy to imitate. This time, it's about creating a haut one shoulder . Instead of buttoning the shirt normally, we button Tuesday with Wednesday, leaving one shoulder exposed. Slip the sleeve inside the shirt and hide the buttons by folding the shirt on itself. Then, we tuck in everything that protrudes at the bottom. The result is clear: we go from a classic garment to an irresistible garment. And to play the ultra-fashionable card, the best idea is to pair it with fluid pants and mules with heels. That's it !