The U-shape cut, the trend to adopt for thicker hair

The U-shaped haircut is flattering on almost anyone because it adds dimension with just a few snips. We tell you all about this new hairstyle trend that promises to cause a sensation.

  The U-shape cut, the trend to adopt for thicker hair

Anyone in the raplapla hair clan knows that adding volume to your hair isn't easy. One would dream of an imposing mane like Penelope Cruz. If you can't choose your hair type, you can always adopt a cut that creates an illusion of thicker hair . The U-shape is precisely the best option to bring this coveted density. What is it exactly ? How to do it? Who can benefit? We take stock.

What is a U-shape cut?

This is surely not the first time that we have heard of the U-cut. This technique, which has gone viral on TikTok in recent weeks, is in fact nothing new. Inspired by the 90s, it is known by hairdressers to give more texture, movement and above all volume to hairs. If short cuts are generally recommended to obtain this result, with the 'U-shape haircut', it is quite possible to keep its lengths. This is a haircut that is suitable for both long hair than medium-length hair. But it is especially useful for people with fine hair. The principle ? The locks are shorter around the face and longer in the back , all in a rounded motion. From the back of the hair, it forms a 'U', hence the name of the hairstyle.

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How to do the U-shape cut?

Cut her hair U-shaped is easy to do yourself when you have long to mid-length hair. Otherwise, it is recommended to wait until they grow to the shoulders or ask a hairdresser. All you need is a brush, a rubber band and a professional scissor. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Separate the hair into three parts.

2. Tie the part behind the skull with a rubber band.

3. Slide the elastic towards the end of the hair.

4. Cut the desired length.

5. Untie the hair.

6. Separate the front locks from the rest of the hair.

7. Wrap the two strands together and cut.

8. Untie the hair.

9. Separate the hair into two parts.

10. Cut the tips to form a U.

11. Repeat the process on the other side.

U-shape cut or V-shape cut: which is better?

The U-shape cut turns out to be very similar to the classic V-shape in that it also involves a set of different lengths. Either way, the back of the hair is longer than the sides. But there are subtle differences that matter! First, the V-shaped cut is more suitable for those who have a lot of hair mass because it is made on two or three layers and thus lightens the hair. In addition, the tip emphasizes the length and gives a more graphic shape. Maintenance also needs to be taken into account as the V-shape cut requires a visit to the hairdresser every six to eight weeks while the other does not require extremely rigorous maintenance.

Does the U-cut go with fine hair?

The main advantage of the U-shape cut is its ability to make appear the thin hair much thicker. Cutting the hair in layers instantly increases the density, as the shorter locks bounce off the lengths. The hair looks lighter and therefore more voluminous. To give more relief, it is possible to add sweep to the degraded . This XXL mane effect is amplified provided you style the hair with a blow-dry or a nice wave.