The tradi-chic style of Camilla Parker Bowles, queen consort

Became queen consort on the death of Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022, Camilla Parker-Bowles has cultivated since her young years a discreet style in keeping with the etiquette of the British aristocracy. Deciphering her signature and emblematic looks.

  The tradi-chic style of Camilla Parker Bowles, queen consort

Tradition et sophistication.  Camilla Parker Bowles succeeded in gaining acceptance by the kingdom and the crown and this, largely for his mastery of aristocratic dress codes, his respect for traditions and his discretion with a twist . Less star and tidier than Diana, the ex Duchess of Cornwall born in 1947 may have made some fashion faux pas, but her style has never stopped improving.

Camilla Parker-Bowles and the royal Charles III in 1975

How did she dress when she was young?

To go to the polo grounds and admire Prince Charles, the young Camilla Shand regularly wore sporty chic outfits very british , either a polo shirt, trousers and a Barbour jacket, or woolen on the shoulders as we have seen in the series The Crown . In the city, she was often seen in a uniform with trousers, a blouse and a blazer, or in printed shirt dresses that were always very proper. During her appearances in the events of the aristocracy, she bowed to etiquette and then wore the rigor skirt suit.

What are the secrets of her wedding dress?

For her wedding to King Charles III, then Prince of Wales, on April 9, 2005, it was not a but two outfits worn by the future queen consort. At the celebration at the Windsor Guildhall, she appeared in a cream chiffon midi dress topped with a matching silk coat, all signed Anna Valentine . A feather brooch and a hat Philip Treacy came to accessorize her outfit. Not a snob at all, Camilla postponed this wedding dress two years later, during the opening of the National Assembly for Wales in 2007. For the continuation of the festivities and the blessing at the church, she wore a pale blue-green wedding dress in gold-embroidered chiffon, also by Anna Valentine. In her hair, she wore feathers arranged in such a way that they formed a crown.

Camilla Parker-Bowles and King Charles III at their wedding on April 9, 2005

How does Camilla Parker-Bowles dress at official events?

For each of her looks, she calls on her stylist Jacqui Meakin , who previously worked for the Queen Elizabeth II and therefore knows customs, etiquette and traditions inside out. For her daytime performances she is particularly fond of pleated dresses and the dress-coat or skirt suit sets that she chooses in pastel or very bright colors such as turquoise, striped patterns or even tartan, depending on the order of the day. Also, like her late mother-in-law, hats are an integral part of her outfits , as well as its sacrosanct triple row of pearls. In the evening, she dares gala dresses often chosen in velvet pane , a noble material which seems to have its preference. Garnet, anthracite, purple, navy blue, black... She's tried almost everything!

What do her favorite casual looks look like?

For her weekends and country outings, Camilla Parker-Bowles hasn't changed much since she was young. She still loves pants, tall boots and outdoor jackets Barbour or Musto. It also regularly associates Burberry trench coats to long printed dresses. In short, outfits that are very easy to reproduce if you want to copy her look.

What are Camilla Parker Bowles' favorite brands?

Fiona Clare is one of the creators to whom she has been faithful for years. Witness the many dresses with original patterns sported by the one who now bears the title of queen consort, like a long model printed with feathers designed especially for her. Chanel remains his favorite brand, however, as evidenced by his many shoes and tweed jackets branded by the Parisian house. On the accessories side, Camilla would suffer from a bunion on her foot and is therefore faithful to the signed shoes Sole Bliss, a brand of very comfortable and aesthetic feminine shoes designed for wide feet.