The recipe for squash velouté by Cyril Lignac

Want a comforting recipe? Cyril Lignac shares his recipe for squash soup with us. A simple and inexpensive delicacy to prepare quickly.

 The recipe for squash velouté by Cyril Lignac

Autumn is approaching and, with it, new vegetables are coming! To take advantage of it as soon as possible, Cyril Lignac offers us on RTL to cook a squash soup . Simple and inexpensive, this recipe sure to please all taste buds,' and that way we have no excuse to buy soups all done ! “, adds the chef with a laugh.

The ingredients of Cyril Lignac's squash velouté

For this squash velouté, it's up to you to choose the vegetable you want to cook. Cyril Lignac specifies that he has a preference for butternut whose hazelnut taste is very suitable for this recipe. Here are the ingredients needed:

  • 1 squash ( pumpkin , butternut, pumpkin, pumpkin, spaghetti squash...)
  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • You curry
  • Nuts
  • Liquid cream (at least 30% fat) for the whipped cream

On the utensil side, you will need a sharp knife, a peeler, a cutting board, a Dutch oven, an electric mixer (or a whisk) for the whipped cream.

The stages of Cyril Lignac's squash velouté

The recipe of velvety squash from Cyril Lignac is very simple to make, but allow some preparation time to cut the squash. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Cut the squash in half. Collect the pips, clean them, and dry them in the oven. Once cooked, add a little fleur de sel. You can add them to the soup to add a little crunch.
  2. Fry the pumpkin pieces in a little butter and olive oil. Once they are caramelized, moisten with water or chicken broth. Let cook for 40 to 45 minutes.
  3. Mix and regulate the thickness of the soup with a little water. Salt.
  4. Prepare a salted whipped cream. Add some curry and hazelnuts.

You get a perfect homemade velouté for fall!

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