The Oscars red carpet will be more eco-friendly than ever

Scheduled for Sunday March 12, 2023, the Oscars ceremony should see green. The academy has just announced its eco-responsible commitments. Forget the red carpet, the 95th edition will be green.

  The Oscars red carpet will be more eco-friendly than ever

The famous Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , an American institution in charge of organization of Oscars , encourages the guests of the 95 th ceremony, which will be held on Sunday, March 12, 2023, to parade on the red carpet dressed in eco-responsible looks.

Each year, the Oscars are a highly publicized event attended by the biggest movie stars. The red carpet that night is usually trodden by celebrities wearing the finest designer outfits , as glamorous as they are breathtaking. For this 95 th edition, the academy wants to take advantage of the huge media exposure of the event to plead a cause that concerns us all: the defense of the environment . In partnership with the organization Red Carpet Green Dress , which promotes sustainability in the world of entertainment and design, the Oscars intend to make the next ceremony a true turning point in the history of the red carpets.

A fashion guide to follow

In order to help the guests to acquire new reflexes to choose their looks for this green carpet , the academy has developed a manual, The Red Carpet Style Guide . This fashion bible is full of good advice for concocting a sharp and eco-responsible silhouette. Some of the solutions proposed by the guide can also inspire the general public for any event:

  • Turn to vintage pieces , which can be, for example, parts of archives of the great houses sewing.
  • Rent her outfit for the occasion.
  • Wear a fully upcycled outfit .
  • Prioritize materials from natural sources such as linen, wool, silk, biodegradable materials and certified textiles both in terms of eco-responsibility than ethics.
  • Choose colorful outfits with dyes with low ecological impact .
  • Call on creators from diversity , for better representation of talent on the red carpet.
  • Report parts that are from the Arts and crafts or already in our dressing room .
  • Give a second life to your outfit by putting it back, by giving to an association or one of his relatives.

In addition to being delivered to guests, this guide and its recommendations are accessible on the Internet . Everyone can therefore consult them if they want to find ways to improve their consumption habits. A great initiative!