The Little Mermaid movie: the sensational trailer

The first images of the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, by Disney studios, have been unveiled. The new Ariel is played by black actress and singer Halle Bailey. A choice that moves many children, but also disturbs some spectators.

  The Little Mermaid movie: the sensational trailer

The new adaptation of The little Mermaid , imagined by Disney studios, is at the heart of a controversy, where the wonder of children competes with the sourness of some adults. During the 'D23 Expo' convention, held in Los Angeles on September 10 and 11, 2022, the live-action trailer for the film was unveiled to the public. Through the images, we dive into the enchanted and moving universe of Ariel, played by young Métis actress and singer Halle Bailey . We discover her in a mermaid costume, singing Part Of This World, (translation Leaving there in French), the cult music of the famous cartoon, produced by John Musker and Ron Clements for Disney, in 1989. A first glimpse where the skin color of the heroine aroused many reactions, poles apart from each other, showing the importance of having diversity in cartoons and movies for all children.

Children moved to tears

On the side of the young audience, the reactions are playful and moved. On Tiktok, parents filmed their children discovering this new trailer. And most are thrilled to see Halle Bailey, as she is, playing Ariel. Young black girls are even overwhelmed to see a character resembling them, with whom to identify and in whom to project themselves. Judging by the reactions, a heroine they missed, in the rather uniform world of princesses.

Halle Bailey's skin color is disturbing

Already at the time, when Halle Bailey had officially been cast in the main role, the news had made noise. This time, the controversy resumes, not on the voice of the actress or the special effects but on the skin color of the young woman, because this is where the problem lies for certain reactionaries. Some viewers have not understood why Ariel is black and not white, as was the case for the fictional character that Disney imagined over 30 years ago. On social networks, several people believe that a mermaid cannot have black skin or that the Disney remake does not respect the original work.

However, everything is in the terms 'remake' or 'adaptation'. Disney has decided to modify the story of Hans Christian Andersen's tale, published in 1837. It is a choice but above all a creative freedom. Especially since, in the original work of The little Mermaid , Ariel's skin color is not specified. Fortunately, children have a completely different opinion on the matter.