'The Italian who gets angry, who takes the plates': Christophe Alévêque confides in his life as a couple with his wife Serena Reinaldi, younger than him

At Christophe Alévêque, sometimes it laughs, sometimes it screams. Invited to the program 'Chez Jordan', broadcast on 'Télé-Loisirs', the comedian explained that his companion, Serena Reinaldi, was not Italian only by her nationality, but also by her character ... sometimes explosive. She would also be, according to him, “too jealous”.

  'L'Italienne qui se met en colère, qui prend les assiettes" : Christophe Alévêque se confie sur sa vie de couple avec sa femme Serena Reinaldi, plus jeune que lui

Christophe Alévêque's life as a couple seems far from being a long calm river. The comedian, guest of Jordan De Luxe on his show At Jordan's , broadcast on Tele-Leisure , confided in the one who shares his life: the Italian Serena Reinaldi , 2003 winner of the reality TV show Nice People , broadcast on TF1.

A sometimes explosive household between Christophe and Serena

The couple met four years later, on TV sets. They've been living a perfect love story ever since… not punctuated by a few explosive swirls. ' We have two strong characters (...) Sometimes, I even said to myself: 'I'm in an Italian film' because it was really the Italian who gets angry, who takes the plates... “, explains the former columnist of Laurent Ruquier by mimicking the plates flying around the room. ' It comes, it leaves the same way “, he nevertheless wishes to reassure concerning his partner, 15 years younger than him . For his part, he who confides that he had a period of womanizing at the end of his first marriage, Christophe Alévêque assures himself that he ' calm '. Serena Reinaldi, would still be forever despite everything ' jealous, too jealous ', according to him.


Marcello, the couple's miracle baby

But because love always triumphs, from their union was born the little Marcello, now 5 and a half years old . A child that the couple struggled to conceive. ' I ran into the issues that all guys my age have when they get back together with someone younger. Inevitably at some point, the question of a baby arises. We hesitated. I already had two, a divorce... Finally we started. But Serena didn't get pregnant. ', says Christophe Alévêque. While the only way out seems to be that of a ' treatment ', the couple abandons the project. But ' three months later she was pregnant “, he concludes.

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What became of Serena Reinaldi? (victim of Nice People...)

On the professional side, the couple seems well aligned. While Christophe Alévêque continues to perform at a breakneck pace throughout France, Serena Reinaldi also continues her career as an actress after suffering ' During a very long time of his participation in Nice People . ' She landed from Italy, she barely spoke French (....) She had not understood at all where she was stepping ', explains Christophe Alévêque, assuring that she quickly turned to something else. ' She did theatre, workshops. What she really likes is going to prisons, doing internships in the suburbs (…) It's her thing “, specifies the humorist, who played with her in 2010 the play Hi love .

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