The hairstyles and beauty secrets of Charlene of Monaco

Charlene of Monaco is a princess far from clichés. In terms of beauty look, she takes risks and it suits her well. Beauty portrait of a modern woman who takes full responsibility with hairstyles and makeup in tune with the times.

  The hairstyles and beauty secrets of Charlene of Monaco

Since her arrival in the Monegasque princely family, Charlene of Monaco has distinguished herself by avoiding beauty faux pas. Her thing: originality. The princess constantly sports a look the opposite of that of the other crowned heads. She asserts herself within the principality, not hesitating to change faces regularly. Always at the forefront of the trend, she knows how to sublimate her haughty bearing and emphasize the fine features of her face. So much so that she is often compared to Grace Kelly. Her hair evolution, her supposed surgeries, her beauty secrets… We tell you everything.

Did Charlene of Monaco have long hair?

She is known as the Princess of short hair , but Charlene of Monaco has not always displayed this hair style. It is also with long hair that she joined the princely family in 2006. When she appeared for the first time alongside Prince Albert, the former Olympic swimmer wore a mid-length cut with exposed roots . She will then chain the sober and classic hairstyles. If her hair is long, she never wears it loose but often in a bun. It was only a few years after her marriage that the princess of Zimbabwean origin changed her style. During his public appearances, her hair is getting shorter and her hairstyles are getting more and more rock . Between the mini-bangs, the shaved head, the pixie cut or the boyish cut, she has tried almost everything. And since then, her hair has never come down to her shoulders. Unlike most crowned heads who sport conforming haircuts, Prince Albert's wife dares to original looks . In an interview granted to the magazine Point de vue, she speaks on this subject: ' Admittedly, I am probably, of all the members of royal families, the one who has tried the most different hairstyles, but I will continue. It's my choice '. A daring choice which also concerns hair color. Charlene de Monaco went through all kinds of blond : platinum blond, golden blond and more recently polar blond.


What cosmetic surgeries has she had?

No one knows if Charlene Wittstock has ever given in to the plastic surgery , but suspicions persist. According to some people, she suffered a slight lip augmentation and rhinoplasty to change the shape of his nose. Others noticed a change in his teeth. If opinions differ on the method used, the 44-year-old princess would have changed his teeth and balanced her smile. Lately, she has been at the heart of many rumors after long months of absence far from the Rock. Internet users have accused the South African of not showing up anymore because of a failed cosmetic surgery operation. A statement brushed aside by Prince Albert. ' There was no cosmetic surgery, it was only dental, nasal septum and sinus problems...I don't want to betray medical secrecy, but only the ENT sphere was concerned ' he had declared in the columns of Paris Match.

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What are Charlene of Monaco's beauty secrets?

Not always easy to be a princess. For more than ten years, the whole world has been watching the actions of Charlene of Monaco. To pay attention to her image, the ex-champion of the basins would steal a few beauty secrets from the stars. Just like Madonna, she would have adopted the donkey female milk in his care.

But that's not all. Jacques and Gabriella's mother would also use a method that has already proven its worth with Kate Middleton: that of the bee venom . This unsuspected active would act as a kind of natural lifting. Specifically, applying a bee venom mask to her skin would make her think she was stung. Melitin, the main component of venom, helps increase blood flow and encourages the production of collagen and elastin. Bee venom also contains apamin, a neurotoxin that promises a tightening effect on fine lines and wrinkles.