The genius hack to save on diaper pail refills!

Diaper bins are great for reducing odors in baby's room. But the refills are often more expensive than the bin itself. Here's the TikTok tip to save on plastic bags!

 L'astuce géniale pour économiser sur les recharges de poubelles à couches !

You bought a diaper bin like Tommee Tippee or Angelcare ? These childcare accessories are indeed very practical for reducing odors in the room of newborns, but also for preventing the proliferation of bacteria. Close at hand next to the changing table, all you have to do is throw in the diaper, and turn the plastic bag to close it with a flick of the hand, not forgetting the lid of the diaper bin which Perfectly masks odors. Only problem: if you find diaper bins around 30 euros on the market, plastic bag refills are generally the most expensive. Count between 5 and 10 euros per recharge. Young parents generally order lots that are less expensive in quantity, but which still represent a hell of a budget: nearly 70 euros for 12 refill units Twist and Click by Tommee Tippee for example. On TikTok, some moms have found the unstoppable trick to save on diaper bin refills!

The trick to stop buying diaper bin refills

Here is the good plan of Marie Alizée, young mother, who explains on TikTok how to replace diaper bin refills with simple plastic bag rolls (around 2 euros).

How to do ?

  1. Start by removing the clip from the refill,
  2. Place a large tube or jar of powdered milk on the empty refill,
  3. Cover the jar with the plastic bag and fill the refill to the maximum by folding the bags down.
  4. Then replace the small clip of your refill to keep everything in place
  5. Tie a knot and use your refill as usual.