'The fear of coping': Michel Polnareff reveals his fears and his 'stage fright'

Back on the music scene with the release of his new album, Michel Polnareff told RTL of the fears that pursue him. If doubts assail him about his talent, he seems to bet a lot on his son, Louka, a music lover like him....

"La trouille de faire face" : Michel Polnareff révèle ses peurs et son "trac"

After almost 60 years of career, Michel Polnareff is still nervous . In an interview with RTL and published this Friday, the 78-year-old singer reflects on the fear he felt when he once again settled behind his piano for the recording of his new album, Polnareff sings Polnareff , released this Friday. ' I was a little nervous. Can I still sing? You know, it's like a boxer who hasn't boxed for five years. Somewhere, I was let's say a little scared to face ' , he explains to the radio station. 'Little by little, I realized that in fact, the voice was still there ' , he enthuses. To Agence France Presse, he even asserts: 'I'm lucky: my voice is better than before. I can go up as much, and even a little more.'

Michel Polnareff 'naked in front of the piano'?

four years later Finally! , which had ended almost three decades of waiting for its fans ( Kama Sutra dating back to 1990), the blonde-maned artist is back in the ring with a new album . A disc where he revisits twelve of his songs, alone at the piano. Among them, The Laze Ball , Goodbye Marilou , Love me, please, love me or The doll who says no . This album, ' it's me naked in front of the piano. The listener who is sitting next to me, he is in my living room' , he explains to RTL . 'What I was afraid of was that it would be boring. [...] But the interesting thing is that suddenly, myself, I was surprised to rediscover the texts' , adds the melodist.

This album, which will be released on November 18, will be followed by a tour which will begin on May 24 in Nice. Still borrowing doubts about the continuation of his career, and while his previous tour had to be interrupted due to health problems, Michel Polnareff does not exclude that this is his last series of concerts. 'It's possible and I've thought about it on every tour since the first one' , he told RTL.

A son 'super gifted' at the piano and an 'extraordinary father'

If the Admiral is afraid of not being up to the job one day, he knows he can already rely on his son to take over. Louka, 11 years old, ' is super talented ' , he marvels in another interview given to RTL and released Thursday. Very versatile, according to his father, the boy who lives in California took up bass and 'doing very very well' au piano. 🇧🇷 I think I'm an amazing dad “, concluded the artist.

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