The creator of the '1 meal 1 euro' account is releasing her recipe book!

Present on social networks with the account '1 meal 1 euro', Marina Sba published a book in early September. More than 100 recipes for all tastes and always for one euro (or almost) per dish and per person.

  The account creator"1 repas 1 euro" sort son livre de recettes !

From social networks to paper... Out of stock from the day of its release, the book '1 meal 1 euro or almost' is in the top of Amazon sales. It must be said that the principle has everything to please: to offer more a hundred recipes for one person at less than one euro each . What if some of it is from the account's social media posts '1 meal 1 euro' , the majority of the recipes are exclusive. The book also offers many tips for managing and optimizing your shopping budget.

To cook simply, quickly or even in advance

Cheese naans, carrot pie, pasta revisited in a thousand ways, banana cake... Throughout the pages, the reader discovers 100 recipes for aperitifs, starters, main courses and desserts as well as recipes for 5 weeks of ' batch cooking '. Ideal for those wishing to prepare 4 to 5 dishes at once.

Vegetarian dishes, lactose-free or even to be prepared without the oven, the recipes are 'very simple' and possible to 'customize by adapting them' describes Marina Sba on her Instagram account. 'These are everyday recipes, not too greasy, sweet or salty, that you can eat every day'.

A vegetarian herself, she promises customizable Plats, 'there is a lot of vegetarian recipes but I also wanted to offer dishes with fish or meat. In animal recipes, it is possible to replace ingredients with vegetable products'.

And to accompany the recipes, valuable advice and tips have slipped into the pages. Some dishes are for example presented with an idea of ​​desserts or accompaniment. After a chickpea curry why not finish the meal with a yoghurt? The first pages also help to 'balance your meal': 1/4 of starch, 1/4 of protein and 1/2 plate of vegetables, without forgetting to drink, of course!

Recipes for students by a student

At 23, Marina Sba created the '1 meal 1 euro' account in April 2020. In full confinement, the student in BUT Biological Engineering specializing in diet and nutrition decides to post recipes for students on a limited budget on social networks. On Twitter and Instagram, she is now followed by more than 53,000 subscribers. Also present on Tik Tok, she talks about cooking but also tips for better organizing and finding your way in the basics of student life. The content creator also brings up more personal issues by talking about the health problems she encounters such as eating disorders.