The Big Heads: Jean-Jacques Peroni a liar? Tackled by another resident who makes things clear

Jean-Jacques Peroni, who left RTL's 'Les Grosses Têtes' in 2021 after controversial remarks against the program hosted by Laurent Ruquier, would he have lied about censorship? Another resident clears things up.

  The Big Heads: Jean-Jacques Peroni a liar? Tackled by another resident who makes things clear

This Saturday, October 15, 2022, France 2 is broadcasting a new bonus from the cult show The Big Heads (facing the return of the Star Academy on TF1). Animator Laurent Ruquier did not fail to surround himself with part of his band but, logically, no Jean-Jacques Peroni on set. The comedian walked out on the program in 2021 after publicly complaining about alleged censorship over his not always tasteful jokes. Did he lie? Another resident says more.

Big-Headed Censorship? Not so fast!

guest of At Jordan's , the show hosted by Jordan de Luxe, the comedian, comedian and regular resident of the Big heads , François Rollin, did not fail to mention 'the Peroni affair'. It must be said that the latter recently confided in the same host, revealing his fight against cancer as well as his enmity towards Christine Bravo and, of course, his shattering departure from the RTL show. So, does he also think that there is humor level censorship in the show? ' That's not true! There is no censorship. Obviously, the show is recorded so there are some cuts, but they are not censored cuts. They are useful, because we revealed something that should not have been… These are technical cuts “, he replied. That makes things clear.

A departure that surprised the Ruquier band

François Rollin, whom the general public was able to see last year at the cinema in the film Kaamelott: First Part of Alexandre Astier, added on the departure of Jean-Jacques Peroni: ' He gave us all a nervous poop and he left… Well, we didn't quite understand, then we felt a little hurt because he said: 'It's all idiots', so it goes weird. We got on well with him, that's why it was very strange. What fly stung him? We don't really know. It hurt us in the sense that we are really a team, on the same boat, Laurent takes us on a wonderful long trip every year. We are all together with very famous people and others less so. It's really a beautiful adventure, a beautiful boat and a beautiful crew, so when there is one who suddenly kicks in the stretchers, it's very strange. '

What had Jean-Jacques Peroni said?

As a reminder, the one who was already a resident of Big heads in the time of Philippe Bouvard had declared: ' When I'm bored, I shoot myself. As we are under the boot at the well-meaning kommandantur, I am bored. I say you can't make people laugh with good thoughts (...) We are censured by well-thought and 'moraline'. There is self-censorship “, he had declared on Non Stop People .

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Laurent Ruquier ready to take it back?

Just as Jean-Marie Bigard had become an unwanted time on the show due to his conspiratorial attitude, this one eventually made his return to the show. The Big Heads this October 14, 2022. So could Jean-Jacques Peroni also find his microphone? ' Peroni was very talented, very cultured but he is not able to hold the spittoon for 5 or 10 minutes on a totally improvised subject. He was funny Jean-Jacques, he still is, moreover, Peroni. It was he who left, I still haven't understood why, but in any case he left. He will come back when he wants! “, had said the host last April on RTL.