The best sports to lose weight fast

Do you want to start a sports activity to lose weight quickly and permanently, but you don't know which one to choose? Here are some suggestions to guide you in your choice.

  The best sports to lose weight fast

Today there are a multitude of slimming sports suitable for everyone. Their goal: to slim down while having fun. Here is a sample of those that might appeal to you.

1. Pilates

The method Pilates is an activity that allows firm the body gently with no less than 500 exercises. It's all about self-control. This involves breathing, concentration and relaxation, among other things. This discipline also allows you to correct your posture and thus display a slender silhouette.

2. And Yoga

A method of relaxation that aims to harmonize body and mind. During a session, we chain the postures that we hold more or less long and stretching The yoga allows you to build deep muscles, lose weight, but also improve your posture, reduce stress and back pain for those who suffer from it.

3. L'aquagym

It's a slimming activity accessible and perfect for building muscle and erasing cellulite. It allows you to refine the silhouette by working all areas of the body. It is also an ideal activity to fight against orange peel skin.

4. Zumba

Zumba is for you if you want to dance somewhere other than your living room. A true global phenomenon, this discipline combining fitness movements and Latin dance steps has won over many followers. Not only you burn calories but you also sculpt a pretty figure. For all those who wish to refine their silhouette while having fun. The choreographies allow you to let off steam and feel good about your body.

5. At the speakers

Boxing is one of the most complete sports. All the muscles of the body work. The silhouette is toned and you lose weight rapidly.

6. Le running

It is undoubtedly a complete and effective physical activity when you want to get back in shape and lose weight. It works all the muscles of the body. The hardest part is motivating yourself to go for an hour's run, summer or winter! Hurry up and ask your significant other or a friend to be your running buddy!

7. CrossFit

This activity combines weight lifting, cardio and gymnastics exercises. We burn calories so the weight loss is intense. the Crossfit tones and refines the silhouette. However, you still have to go through introductory sessions to learn gradually without risking getting hurt or becoming discouraged. In any case, don't forget to stretch well before and after the session to relieve aches possible.

8. And swissball

The use of swiss ball allows you to do cladding and stretching gently. It is recommended for pregnant women and people with back pain. The exercises make it possible to strengthen the thighs and the buttocks and to obtain a flat belly .

9. Skipping rope

An exercise of choice that promotes endurance and burns calories by jumping more or less quickly with a rope. The practice of jumping rope works balance, burns calories and firms the silhouette. Be careful though if you have joint problems. Use a good pair of sneakers!

10. And cycling

The indoor cycling lessons are punctuated by rock or techno songs. You will chain false flats, mountains and descents to spend a maximum of calories. Well-coached indoor cycling! Up to 800 calories burned in an hour: this sport is intense! It targets the triceps, pecs , thighs, waist and glutes. Be sure to train before taking a crash course.

11. Swimming

By swimming at a moderate pace, you can lose up to 400 calories. By practicing twice a week, the silhouette becomes visibly slimmer.

12. The step

A fitness activity that consists of chaining choreographed movements on a step. The step burns calories and therefore melts fat. It also improves posture and develops coordination.

13. The Swedish gym

Swedish gymnastics consists of sequences of simple and dynamic movements, on a background of lively music. In barely an hour, the participants do a warm-up, stretching, bodybuilding, cardio exercises -vascular, a little running and finally stretching, before relaxing. Acclaimed for several years in France, this course adapts to each one with their different levels. This sport is generally practiced in association, rather than in a fitness club. An activity that provides well-being and tone, without damaging the joints. You'll burn around 400 calories in an hour in a friendly atmosphere. Classes are even held outdoors on sunny days!

14. Le body pump

A class that combines aerobics and strength training! You will handle weights, climb on a step and also exercise with a barbell. In one hour, you can burn up to 600 calories. With a regular practice of the Bodypump, you will carve a pretty silhouette.

15. Butt abs

A fitness session where exercises are repeated lying down, on all fours or standing to firm up the body. Some classes also include the thighs in their program: the abs-thighs-glutes version targets the main areas that women have problems with. The movements learned during a class can be practiced easily at home.