The Best Pastry Chef: Who was eliminated? Who's in the semi-finals?

THE BEST PASTRY. The identity of the four semi-finalists for Best Pastry Chef is now known. Find out who it is and who was eliminated this Wednesday.

  The Best Pastry Chef: Who was eliminated? Who's in the semi-finals?

[Updated Nov 23, 2022 11:22 p.m.] Yes Manon won the blue apron for the fifth time - a record in the history of the Best Pastry Chef - Cléo was unfortunately eliminated this Wednesday, November 23. 'You have always kept the course of audacity. You can be proud of yourself', encouraged her all the same Cyril Lignac . Back to the quarter-finals.

For the cyril's challenge , the five candidates still in the running had to revisit the famous Churros with chocolate of Madrid into a refined dessert. Manon particularly seduced Cyril and Mercotte with its lightning-shaped churros, with flavors of pear and tonka bean. 'It's very colorful, it's really crispy ... We travel it's very good', they assured. Benjamin, who is progressing from week to week, also convinced the jury with its churros in the form of passion fruit gel tart and dark chocolate ganache. In contrast, Cléo and Adelina disappointed Cyril and Mercotte . Both presented undercooked churros, making the tasting unpleasant.

pour la terrible Mercotte technical test, amateur pastry cooks had to make a cake inspired by the design of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, with a nougatine structure , of the candy transparent stained glass allowing light to filter through, all enclosing a turron cake (kind of Spanish nougat). Manon came first for the fifth time , just ahead of Benjamin, followed by Nils and Cléo. Adelina, who had never made nougatine in her life, unfortunately came in last.

For the creative test, candidates had to reproduce a symbol of Spain in the form of a cake . Joakim Prat, who served for a long time at Barcelona, ​​was the guest chef to judge the candidates alongside Cyril and Mercotte. He credited his hit to Adelina, allowing her to avoid elimination. The young woman amazed everyone with her lemon, mandarin and nougat creamy guitar, with a realistic look and perfectly balanced taste. Manon was once again unanimously acclaimed with her cinnamon, orange and lemon flavored flamenco flower. The young woman has once again won the blue apron and Cleo was eliminated.

Who was eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef?

Cleo was eliminated this Wednesday, November 23 at the gates of the semi-final. Discover the candidates who left the competition over the weeks:

  • Week 12: Cleo
  • Week 11: Sébastien (who came back in week 10)
  • Week 10: Vanessa
  • Week 9: Sebastian
  • Week 8: Justine
  • Week 7 : Alice
  • Week 6: Karel
  • Week 5: Najoua
  • Week 4: Sebastian
  • Week 3: Herve
  • Week 2: Franklin
  • Week 1: Carine and Wiggins

When does Le Meilleur Pâtissier 2022 end?

We now know the date of the Best Pastry Chef 2022 final. It will be broadcast on Wednesday December 7 from 9:10 p.m. on M6, with Pierre Hermé as an exceptional guest.

Who are the candidates for the Best Pastry Chef 2022?

The names of candidates of this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef are now known. For this 2022 edition, they were 16 on the starting line, from all over France but also from Belgium. Here they are in pictures.

Who makes up the jury for the Best Pastry Chef?

Like always, Cyril and Mercotte will be the members of the jury for this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef. They will be supported by several chefs guests. And the least we can say is that M6 did very well this year: Philippe Conticini, Glenn Much , Kevin Lacote, Thierry Marx, François Perret, Christelle Brua, Nina Métayer, Jeffrey Cagnes, Yann Couvreur or Pierre Hermé will be there!!

Who presents The Best Pastry Chef?

After having proven itself during a first season with amateurs and then with professionals, Marie Portolano will again be the host of this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef. The host should still delight us with her humor and good humor.

Who are the Best Pastry Chef winners?

For 10 years, you can imagine, a large number of candidates have already won the title of 'Best Pastry Chef'. For the most nostalgic among you, we have compiled the list of winners of the Best Pastry Chef since the first season.

When does The Best Pastry Chef 2022 air?

Season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef started on Wednesday September 7, 2022 on M6. The program airs every Wednesday at 9:10 p.m.

Where can I find the Best Pastry Chef replay?

You are not available on Wednesday evening to watch the episodes? The M6 ​​channel and its 6play service allow you to watch the missed episode even several weeks after the broadcast. This will give you time to take notes and become a master baker too.