The Best Pastry Chef: The show resumes this Wednesday!

THE BEST PASTRY. The Best Pastry Chef is back on M6 this Wednesday, September 7. Who are the Season 11 contestants? What are the first trials? We tell you everything.

  Best Pastry Chef:'émission reprend ce mercredi !

[Updated September 6, 2022 at 1:42 p.m.] This Wednesday, September 7 marks the great return of Best Pastry Chef on M6. For this eleventh season, 16 candidates are on the starting line to try to win the title against Cyril and Mercotte .

During the first broadcast, the candidates will have to separate into two groups and choose a universe: Chocoland or the fruit kingdom. They will then have to create a pastry in their image and four participants per group will be selected. The others will have to compete in a second event to qualify, during which they will represent the trip of their dream as a cake.

When will The Best Pastry Chef 2022 air?

The broadcast date of season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef is now known. The program will be back on M6 from Wednesday September 7, 2022 at 9:10 p.m.

Who are the candidates for the Best Pastry Chef 2022?

The names of candidates of this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef have been revealed. For this 2022 edition, they will be 16 from all over France but also from Belgium. Here they are :

  • Adelina, 28 years old, head of magasin, Belgium
  • Alicia, 27, truck driver, Strasbourg
  • Benjamin, 32, fruit and vegetable buyer, Saint-Alban
  • Carine, 45, civil servant in a community, Le Mans
  • Cléo, 20 years old, figure skater, Montlignon
  • Franklin, 76, retired, Paris
  • Hervé, 47, team leader in construction, Martigues
  • Justine, 30, pharmacist, Amiens
  • Karel, 29, retraining engineer, Paris
  • Manon, 20 years old, student in dietetics BTS, Montpellier
  • Najoua, 29, foreign affairs consultant, Courbevoie
  • Nils, 26, doctoral student in finance, Levallois-Perret
  • Sébastien, 47 years old, business manager in cybersecurity, Toulouse
  • Sébastien, 37, choreographer and dancer, Saint-Affrique
  • Wiggings, 25, executive assistant, Nanterre
  • Vanessa, 41, business manager of a communication agency, Kintzheim

During the first episode, the candidates will have the possibility of choosing the test on which they wish to appear. Candidates will be divided into two destinations accommodating 8 places each. At the end of these two events, the 4 best pastry chefs from each destination will qualify to enter the competition definitively. The 8 contestants who did not qualify will have a chance to make up for it during a creative test around the trip of their dreams and 2 contestants will be definitively eliminated.

Who makes up the jury for the Best Pastry Chef?

Like always, Cyril and Mercotte will be the members of the jury for this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef. They will be supported by several guest chefs. And the least we can say is that M6 did very well this year: Philippe Conticini, Glenn Viel, Kevin Lacote, Thierry Marx, Francois Perret, Christelle Brua , Nina Métayer, Jeffrey Cagnes, Yann Couvreur or Pierre Hermé will be there!!

Who presents The Best Pastry Chef?

After having proven itself during a first season with amateurs and then with professionals, Marie Portolano will again be the host of this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef. The host should still delight us with her humor and good humor.

Who are the Best Pastry Chef winners?

For 10 years, you can imagine, a large number of candidates have already won the title of 'Best Pastry Chef'. For the most nostalgic among you, we have compiled the list of winners of the Best Pastry Chef since the first season.

Where can I find the Best Pastry Chef replay?

You won't be available to watch the first episode on September 7th? The M6 ​​channel and its 6play service allow you to watch the missed episode even several weeks after the broadcast. This will give you time to take notes and become a master baker too.