The Apple singer has made a clean sweep of her bob cut

Radical hair change for the Apple singer: exit the square with bangs and make way for the shaved head. Discover her new hairstyle in photos and the reason why she cut everything.

 The Apple singer has made a clean sweep of her bob cut

Singer Apple is unrecognizable with her new haircut . In addition to having shaved her head, the Frenchwoman hesitates to change hair color.

Pomme's shaved head

Apple unveiled its new face on its Instagram account on November 27. In her three published photos, the singer displays her size hair metamorphosis. While her fans were used to her bob cut marked by a two-tone fringe (caused by its vitiligo ) , Claire Pommet, of her real name, decided to cut everything, now sporting a shaved head, leaving only a few centimeters of her brown hair. ' I'm thinking of I'll have a blonde type 1 for yes and 2 for no in comm kisses xx' , Apple wrote humorously in the caption of this Instagram post, suggesting that her hair transformation may not be complete.

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Apple, future actress

On this Instagram post, Apple also revealed the reason that led her to change her mind : 'I shaved my hair for my movie' , she explained. The 26-year-old woman refers to the feature film The Silver Venus directed by Héléna Klotz which will mark her first attempt at the cinema. The Frenchwoman will hold the leading role in this film, the shooting of which began last October. Apple will share the bill with Niels Schneider, Anna Mouglalis, Sofiane 'Fianso' Zermani and Grégoire Colin. The star thus adds a string to her bow, since in addition to being an author, composer and performer, she now becomes an actress.