The 6 questions you ask the most about Ferrero Rocher

Each year, the Ferrero Rocher invade the shelves of supermarkets and for good reason it is THE most consumed festive product in France. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the brand, we have answered the questions you have the most about Ferrero Rocher.

  The 6 questions you ask the most about Ferrero Rocher

Smoked salmon , foie gras, Ferrero Rocher… In your opinion, what is the most popular product of the French during the end of the year celebrations? Easy ! The answer was already in the introduction to this article... And yes, on average, 1 out of 4 French people taste a bite every year during the Christmas period. So that Ferrero Rocher has no more secrets for you, we asked the questions that most intrigue rock enthusiasts to Camille Chiot, Marketing Director chocolate premium from Ferrero France.

How many Ferrero Rochers are sold each year?

Answer: half a billion. No less than 500 million crunchy pieces are sold on the market each year. This is a number that does not leave marble.

Has the Ferrero Rocher recipe been the same for 40 years?

Answer: You don't change a team that's been winning since 1982. 'It took 7 years of research and testing to arrive at this product, and we never changed the recipe that is the real secret of Ferrero Rocher's success,' says Camille Chipot.

What is the size of the largest pyramid made so far?

Answer: 1.30m. The 28-bite pyramid is the one we've seen the most with the small rectangular 30-bite candy box and those, for years. But have you had the chance to discover the 1.30m pyramid located at the Printemps Haussmann in Paris? It was made up of more than 3,000 rocks.


Why can't Ferrero Rochers be found all year round?

Answer: because chocolate in the summer melts. Ferrero Rocher is committed to providing its consumers with the best possible taste experience. Thus, the brand has chosen not to produce Ferrero Rocher in the summer, the conservation, taste and taste of which would be affected by summer temperatures. 'It is important for us not to alter the quality', summarizes Camille Chipot. But to console us, a novelty has arrived in 2021: ice cream first, followed by chocolate bars.

Is there Nutella in Ferrero Rocher?

Answer: no. The heart of the bite is a melting hazelnut cream. Experts in the field will agree that the spread does not have quite the same texture.

Where do Ferrero Rocher hazelnuts come from?

Answer: Italy and Turkey. A large part of the hazelnuts used to make a Ferrero Rocher comes from Turkey. It is the first producer and exporter of hazelnuts in the world. But a number of the nuts are from the recipe's country of origin: Italy.

Ferrero Rocher continues to offer new references. Our little finger - Camille Chipot - has also told us that new products will be unveiled for the 2023 Easter holidays. In addition to products, the Ferrero group is also committed to reducing its environmental impact with increasingly eco-friendly packaging. designed.

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