Thanksgiving: Why do Americans celebrate this holiday?

Thanksgiving falls this Thursday, November 24. It is an unmissable party in the United States. The individuals and families who celebrate it show gratitude and appreciation for a day. It is also an opportunity to share moments surrounded by loved ones and to create memories.

In a few days, American families will be seated around a good meal to celebrate Thanksgiving. Every year at this same time, this holiday, little known in France but very popular in the United States, brings together entire families. Some Americans do not hesitate to cross the continent to spend the day together, and the party unites them all, beyond religious affiliations. which is certainly due to the very origins of the holiday. In the 17th century, a crew of British settlers landed on the American northeast coast. Surprised by the harshness of the winter, half the crew succumbs, until two natives of the Wampanoag Indian people come to their rescue, teaching them the basics of farming and hunting. Results, the pilgrims obtain the following year extraordinary harvests. To thank them, the governor decides to establish a day of thanksgiving, to be celebrated together. The natives then bring with them turkeys to roast, which are still the traditional Thanksgiving dish today. And just after this spiritual feast, another completely commercial high mass takes place the next day: Black Friday.

When is Thanksgiving in 2022?

This national and family holiday is usually held on last Thursday of November in the United States . A date set by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. This day has also been a holiday in the United States since 1941. More than a holiday, it is also a tradition to which Americans are very attached. This year, Thanksgiving will be on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is both a religious and cultural holiday that means 'thank you for the gifts'. It allows you to celebrate and thank, as a family, all that has been 'received' during the year. The state of mind during this day is dedicated to feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

What are the origins of Thanksgiving?

If we go back in time, this festival was born in 1620 when the Pilgrim Fathers, the Pilgrim Fathers, docked aboard the Mayflower at Plymouth, in what is now Massachusetts in the United States. Part of the crew had been ravaged by scurvy and so the sailors were weak when they landed. Fortunately, they were able to count on the help of a few Amerindians who taught them hunting, farming and fishing techniques and who offered them wild turkeys. Note that one of these Natives spoke English because he had been taken captive to be a slave in London, but had managed to escape to find his lands. William Bradford, then governor of these first settlers, organized a banquet to thank God for their harvests but also the Native Americans for their precious help. This is the origin of Thanksgiving.

Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

This holiday is one of the strong symbols of American origins. It has become almost as important as Christmas and above all it is an opportunity for Americans to get together with family or friends over a good meal. Some stars also take the opportunity to share these moments of conviviality on social networks.

What is the traditional Thanksgiving menu?

The turkey that so marked sailors in the 17th century is the star food of Thanksgiving. It is stuffed and roasted in the oven and traditionally accompanied by mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, and a canneberge . It's the main course. For dessert, a pumpkin pie often ends the meal. A turkey is also traditionally always pardoned for Thanksgiving  by the President of the United States.

Which countries celebrate Thanksgiving?

Around the world, Americans aren't the only ones celebrating Thanksgiving. Canadians also celebrate this holiday on the second Monday in October. . The inhabitants of some Caribbean Islands and Liberia also celebrate Thanksgiving.

What do we celebrate the day after Thanksgiving?

The day after Thanksgiving another purely material holiday follows: Black Friday. During this day of promotions, most shops and e-commerce sites offer multiple discounts on products. This day of good deals was also born there in the United States in the 70s before arriving in France in 2010. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday takes place on November 25, 2022.

Why does Black Friday come the day after Thanksgiving?

The origin of this sequence is not proven, but it is said that to celebrate Thanksgiving, employees and workers posed on Friday to take advantage of a long four-day weekend. And annoyed bosses wondered how to manage these absences, especially since in the 60s, it was the day of special promotions just before Christmas. And from there was born the term Black Friday, also referring to the account books of merchants who went from red (deficit) to black (profit) on this occasion. Building on the success of this special promotional operation, Black Friday has since 2004 been followed by Cyber ​​Monday. The concept is the same, but dedicated only to e-commerce, in order to also benefit sellers who only have a web presence.