Thanks to TikTok, a tank top becomes a backless top in 1 min

Who says the tank top can only be worn one way? This new TikTok trick proves us wrong.

 Thanks to TikTok, a tank top becomes a backless top in 1 min

Like the white shirt, the white tank top is one of the timeless pieces of the dressing room. From Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner, all the it girls love this basic which has the advantage of adapting to all looks and pairing with many pieces. But sometimes it could be a bit more sophisticated. To give it a second wind, head to the TikTok application! Thanks to a trick from @melhwang, the white tank top takes on a whole new look to become a top two nu ultra glamor . Ideally, we use a basic tank top, straight, with thin or wide straps, but we can try this technique on any other small top. The only equipment needed is a tank top, of course, and a long cord or shoelace. Once that's put together, just follow these steps:

1. Thread the string through both suspenders, having the same length on each side.

2. Put your head between the neckline of the tank top and the drawstring.

3. Cross the cord in the back.

4. Bring the ends to the front.

5. Thread the ends inside the tank top, on the sides.

6. Pull everything out and tie at the lower back.

And There you go !

The bare back top, the fashion obsession of the summer

To upgrade a too wise top, we couldn't find better than the bare back. Just as sexy as a bust neckline, it enhances the body and does not fail to seduce. This is the charm asset that we adopt without taking any risks.

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Trend requires, the bare back comes in many ways. It sublimates shirts, T-shirts, tank tops or bodysuits in a flash. We wear it in effortless mode during the day with basic jeans or with a skirt on returning from the beach like the influencer Camille Charrière. The possibilities are limitless !