Tender photos of Jean-Marie Périer in a relationship with Françoise Hardy: 'I hope Jacques forgives me!'

Instant nostalgia for Jean-Marie Périer. The photographer of the stars shared a tender snapshot of the couple he formed with Françoise Hardy.

  Tender photos of Jean-Marie Périer as a couple with Françoise Hardy: 'J'espère que Jacques me pardonne!"

On his Instagram account followed by nearly 130,000 subscribers, photographer Jean-Marie Périer - son of actor François Périer, although a biological child of a famous singer whose name he no longer wishes to pronounce - regularly shares pictures taken by him, or by others, from his yéyé years to today. Joyful archival photos, always accompanied by a delicious commentary from the artist.

Photos of Jean-Marie Périer and Françoise Hardy: 'I hope Jacques and Thomas forgive me!'

This August 18, Jean-Marie Périer chose to pay tribute to his longtime friend, singer Françoise Hardy. But even more, before she formed a mythical couple with Jacques Dutronc, the eternal interpreter of Message Personnel lived a passionate idyll with the photographer. In the black and white photos, we discover the two young people at the dawn of the 1960s, she in an incredible vaporous white outfit, he in an elegant tuxedo. In legend, Jean-Marie Périer says: 'Françoise and I engaged in social events in an evening that I do not remember at all.' While specifying however: “I hope that Jacques and Thomas forgive me this kind of messages”

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Jean-Marie Périer, photos of Françoise Hardy: 'These are simply good memories'

Because if he unearths archive images, a spotlight on a golden age of French song, there is no question of offending his peers with old resentments. Jean-Marie Périer, all in elegance, therefore has a word for the one for whom Françoise Hardy left: Jacques Dutronc, and their son Thomas. ' They're just good memories “, laughs the 82-year-old artist. Followed for his talent, and his good words that defy time, Jean-Marie Périer offers us beautiful life lessons, still confident in the caption of these shots. 'The great thing about social media is that a lot of very caring people are kind enough to send me pictures that I've never seen. '

When social networks laugh at the worst to keep only the best, lulled by the carelessness of the sixties and the enlightened spirit of Jean-Marie Périer.

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