Télématin controversy: Alexandra Pizzagali, fired, reacts and makes revelations about her column

Baptism of fire failed for comedian Alexandra Pizzagali ousted from the program 'Télématin' after the controversy aroused by her very first chronicle on the Nice attacks. In an interview with 'Parisien', she looks back on her mistakes and expresses her regrets. But aims at his producer, aware of the content of his column...

  Télématin controversy: Alexandra Pizzagali, fired, reacts and makes revelations about her column

And a little tour and then goes away … Comedian Alexandra Pizzagali wrote a particularly resounding chronicle during her appearance on the wise show Telematin , referring to the Nice attack. Her sketch, which went viral, was widely commented on and ultimately led to her being removed from the air. For the first time, she speaks to the newspaper The Parisian . Between regrets and spades, she confides in cash.

Alexandra Pizzagali, where does the controversy come from?

Black humor Alexandra Pizzagali does not seem to have won unanimous support from the public on the show. Telematin on September 5th. New columnist for the morning of France 2, the comedian who had chosen to take up the challenge of defending the ' asshole of the week s'attaque à Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel , while the trial of the Nice attacks opens the same morning. After have faced a teleprompter problem , Alexandra Pizzagali finally launches into her column but unease sets in on the set.

The remarks about the author of the Nice attack very quickly provoked many indignant reactions on the Web and the channel reacts in the afternoon with the publication of a press release : ' The management of France Télévisions and the teams of Telematin regret that a column with a humorous vocation rightly offended many viewers. We offer our apologies and express our solidarity with the victims of the Nice attack and their loved ones.'

Alexandra Pizzagali expresses her regrets and reveals being isolated

ousted from Telematin , Alexandra Pizzagali now speaks exclusively on the controversy that followed her column in the columns of the newspaper The Parisian , October 2, 2022.” I will always be deeply sorry to know anyone is hurt by anything, especially if it comes from me. I was clumsy, I should have paid more attention to the timing it was neither the place nor the time for this text —, but I cannot regret what I did not express. In this column, I only insult the terrorist, never the victims ',  s'excuse-t-elle.

In this interview given to the journalist of the Parisian , the comedian fully assumes his mistakes but also evokes how she had to go through the bad buzz caused by her failed performance and the violence of the reactions relayed on social networks. ' This bad buzz, either I took it head on and fucked myself up, or I put the phone aside to put myself in a bubble of love. That's what I did : I lived for more than a week with two friends and I cut everything, calls, messages, social networks “, she confides.

How was Alexandra Pizzagali dumped by the channel?

Spotted by the production of Telematin for her dark and acid humor, it is however what will have earned Alexandra Pizzagali her eviction. The comedian admits his wrongs and recognizes that she should have adapted more to the context ' at 8 a.m., on France 2, we are not talking to people who have chosen to go see your show in the evening ', she says. ' There, my point imposed itself on viewers who follow a broadcast. That, I only stupidly realized after the fact “, adds the young woman.

The artist, however, shoots a few spikes since she ensures that the production has also validated her text upstream. ' I send it to five people including the producer of the show, who validates it. I arrive in the morning and I see that the opening of the trial of the Nice attack is treated in a loop, with poignant testimonies from victims. I hadn't measured that. In makeup, I ask the question: 'Are we sure that the timing is right?' The producer replied, 'I'm not going to hide from you that we thought you didn't make it easy for yourself for a premiere, but we're not going to ask you to rewrite it now, so here we go ', she says. So the show staff knew what to expect...

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Faced with the extent of the controversy of his first performance, the comedian confides that he completely revised the concept of his column and reworked his texts so that they were more appropriate before learning that finally the channel opposes his return . Dropped by France Television, Alexandra Pizzagali however retains her position as columnist on the show Zoom Zoom Zen on France Inter.

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