Sylvie Vartan is 78: Johnny, David, Darina, Tony... Secrets and Dramas

Sylvie Vartan is celebrating her 78th birthday on August 15, 2022. From his career and his marriage to Johnny through his close bond with his son David and his daughter Darina, we all think we know or almost. But we don't know that alongside her life of glossy paper, Sylvie Vartan has also experienced tragedies...

  Sylvie Vartan is 78: Johnny, David, Darina, Tony... Secrets and Dramas

Sylvie Vartan was born in Iskretz, a village located in the center of Bulgaria on August 15, 1944. She is the daughter of Georges Vartan born in Champigneulles in Meurthe-et-Moselle and Ilona Mayer, a young woman from Hungarian. She has an older brother named Edmond and nicknamed Eddie who is 7 years older than her.
His early years were marked by exile. Little Sylvie is only a few months old when her house is requisitioned by the Soviet army, forcing the family to settle in Sofia. At the age of seven, Sylvie played her first film role in the film Under the Yoke but everyday life is becoming more and more complicated. 'It was really an extremely difficult life, which I remember by the way, and which is very memorable. Everything I felt when I was little and everything I learned in Bulgaria, I kept. I believe that what we experienced as children is indelible. It is something that pursues you and I think about it all the time. It lives in me constantly' , confided Sylvie Vartan to Catherine Ceylac in the program Tea or coffee in 2015.

Sylvie Vartan: a broken childhood

Pushed into exile, the family of the future singer moved to Paris on a freezing day in December 1952.
'It was my parents who decided, of course. Eddy and I were children (…) I was 6 and a half, 7 years old and we had left everything: parents, grandparents, family', she always explained to Catherine Ceylac.

To this day, she still has heartbreaking memories of that hasty departure and of her adoring grandfather in tears on the station platform. 'A movie scene. My parents had been waiting for this moment for months, yet they didn't seem happy. They were serious and silent. They were choked with emotion. They knew, as I understood when I saw my grandfather running, that I'll never see him again. At that point childhood was wiped out, ended.' , told to Full Life in 2016 the artist who will make tribute to his native country through song The Maritza named after the river that crosses Bulgaria.

With Johnny Hallyday, tough love

It was at 17 that Sylvie Vartan met Johnny Hallyday whom she married on April 12, 1965. A passionate but also destructive love because the singer quickly plunges into alcohol and multiplies the extra-marital cavalcades.
'We were together for seventeen years. I suffered more from the separations, from his unstable nature, from seeing him often unhappy, than from the infidelities. The passing girls were just passing girls. It didn't matter much… At the same time, memory sometimes rewrites history, maybe it wasn't an exact reflection of the reality at the time… It remains a highlight of my life.' delivered Sylvie Vartan to Gala in 2013.

Sylvie Vartan, single mother with her son, David Hallyday

Permanently on the road, the singer is not present when his wife gives birth to David on August 14, 1966.
Overwhelmed by fatigue and his new responsibilities, he contents himself with a brief visit to the maternity ward, before leaving and even tries to end his life a month after the birth of his son.
He is no longer present when Sylvie Vartan makes a miscarriage at 4 months pregnant but the young singer does not hold it against him because she knows how much the absence of a father marked the childhood of the owner.

'There was this lack. From a psychological point of view, I believe that we are all conditioned by what we have experienced and we tend, with a few rare exceptions, to reproduce the same pattern' , confided Sylvie Vartan to Gala.

If Johnny is slow to assume his role as a father, Sylvie Vartan is fulfilled by motherhood and very proud of David who will follow the same path as his parents. 'He looks a lot like me: he has this distance and this seriousness that make him someone very strong inside. From a very young age, there was no doubt that music would be his path' , explained the singer in the magazine Is in 2004.
But the birth of the little boy is not enough to bring together Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday who divorced in November 1980.

Tony Scotti: love at first sight

Sylvie Vartan does not stay single for long. In 1981, during a festival in Tokyo, she fell in love with American producer Tony Scotti. 'It was love at first sight. I couldn't believe it myself. I thought I was definitely making it up. He had something reassuring about him, he was a handsome man, he seemed straight, honest, with a lot of humor and a great benevolence for others' , she always explained to Gala in 2013.

Darina, l'enfant de Bulgarie

Three years later, they marry but Sylvie Vartan is then 40 years old and they are struggling to start a family. It wasn't until 1997 that they welcomed a little Darina from Bulgaria. Having always dreamed of having a large family, Sylvie Vartan is fulfilled by the little girl. 'I raised a boy and wanted a girl to get that woman-to-woman love back. With Darina, I'm also very motherly in my love,' she assured Gala.

Sylvie Vartan, fulfilling grandmother

Happy mother, Sylvie Vartan is now the fulfilled grandmother of Ilona, ​​27, Emma, ​​25, fruit of the loves of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefébure and Cameron, 17, born of the marriage between the son of Johnny Hallyday and Alexandra Pastor.
With the youngest, she has forged very strong bonds! 'Thanks to David, I have a new little man in my life: Cameron, a very playful, very cuddly little boy, who already has his father's humor and his mother's kindness', she revealed in Gala when the little boy was only 9 years old.

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Sylvie Vartan in 3 tragic accidents

Solid and courageous, Sylvie Vartan perhaps draws her strength from the accidents that have marked her life.
On April 11, 1968, she went to Paris with David's godmother , Mercedes Calmel Mendès when his yellow coupe OSI Ford is violently hit by a van which has deviated from its trajectory. Injured in the chin and elbow and victim of a head trauma, Sylvie Vartan is doing well, but her passenger and great childhood friend Mercedes is killed instantly at the age of just 22.

Less than two years later, she has another car accident. It is then Johnny Hallyday who drove the DS where his wife and three other people were seated. The band has to go to a gala in Besançon, but the singer drives way too fast on the icy road.
At the entrance to the village of Roppe, the car plunges into a ditch after a failed turn. The singer escapes with a broken nose and one of his passengers with a broken leg, but Sylvie is in much worse shape. Seriously injured, she was disfigured after going through the windshield . It is only after 6 months and after many operations in the United States that she will find her face.

Eighteen years later, Sylvie Vartan experiences a new tragedy. A fire ravaged the house of Los Angeles but fortunately does not injure the singer or her husband and their daughter who is then only a few months old. In the charred room of the singer, there is nothing left... or almost. Sylvie Vartan was surprised to discover the intact illustration of an angel protecting two children, which was above her bed when she was a child. A sign of fate for the one who has always believed in her lucky star.