SVU Christopher Meloni Poses Nude: 61-Year-Old Actor Proud To Be A 'Zaddy'...But What Is It?

Being considered a 'zaddy', the ultimate compliment? This is in any case what suggests Christopher Meloni, the star of 'New York Special Unit' who prides himself on having become at the age of 61, a sex symbol.

  Christopher Meloni (SVU) poses nude: l'acteur de 61 ans fier d'être un "zaddy"... mais c'est quoi ?

We no longer present it. Known to all as the famous detective Elliot Stabler in the detective series New York Special Unit , Christopher Meloni has recently been talked about. While he had made his comeback in the spin-off of New York Special Unit, Organized Crime in April 2021, it had, in July, made some waves in posing completely naked in a Peloton brand ad . A smashing comeback that has however earned him a whole new role: that of a sex symbol that he embraces with pleasure. He confides in an interview to People in this month of October 2022.

Christopher Meloni, a zaddy: what is it?

This is for him, a brand new turning point in his career. From the height of his 61 years, Christopher Meloni can boast of being considered a sex symbol and more particularly as what is now called a zaddy . This term refers to a father who would be described as desirable and sexy. ' It is a delusion. It's funny. I don't know, has anyone else been crowned zaddy? Once this title is granted to you, you simply must maintain it for as long as you can. ' he confided, amused, to the magazine People . This new title? He most certainly owes it to this advertisement in which he appears naked, but also in the episode of Organized crime in which the public had noticed her beautiful figure. To be a zaddy? The actor and big accomplice of Mariska Hargitay calls it ' great '. And we understand that.

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Christopher Meloni and his title of zaddy: what do his wife and children think?

The actor is well surrounded. And if some may think that his wife, Doris Sherman Williams, to whom he has been married since 1995 , could have trouble with this new image that Internet users have given him, it is not so: ' My wife, she's adorable, she understands. She's the type to say, 'Oh, whatever. 'She obviously isn't jealous that women (and no doubt some men too!) drool over pictures of her husband stark naked.

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According to Christopher Meloni, these are rather his children, Sophia, and Dante aged 21 and 18 , who find it difficult to accept that their father is considered a sex symbol. ' My kids, almost once a month, say to me 'really? really ? ',” jokes the actor. And adding that their friends seem to be having fun with the situation: “ Their friends will send them a meme [an image diverted in order to make people laugh, editor's note] which came out recently or something like that. 'Finally, if Christopher Meloni is pleasantly surprised by this new title, he is nonetheless amused:' That's cool, because we all had a good laugh at that. My kids' friends kindly make fun of me, but it's funny. It's an honor. '