Surprise renovation on Gulli: new decoration show for Stéphane Plaza!

Emmanuelle Rivassoux and Stéphane Plaza give you an appointment from October 13 in prime time on Gulli for Surprise renovation, change at home! Concept of the show and issues addressed, you will know everything about this new weekly decoration appointment.

Gathered on Gulli, a first for the king of real estate, Stephane Plaza and decorator Emmanuelle Rivassoux will be happy to give a helping hand to families in need of tips and practical advice to improve their interior, without doing major work. Every Thursday evening, this new decoration show promises to be colorful and full of good humor!

What to expect from Surprise renovation, change at home ?

Co-producer of the show - another great first for the favorite host of the French - Stéphane Plaza imagined this concept especially for the duo he forms with Emmanuelle Rivassoux. Their mission, and they have accepted it, is to renovate in record time - 4 days no more! - within a family, whether owner or tenant . A very short period of time since the express site is done in secret from the trapped person, away from home for the occasion.

And all while remaining as discreet as possible , quite a challenge when you know the legendary restraint of our national Stéphane! During this time, Emmanuelle, Stéphane, the spouse, the children, friends and family accomplices, as well as the team of the show called 'La Bricoteam', will work to transform the place. Guaranteed emotions at the moment of revelation!

When will the first episode on Gulli air?

Title We camp in our living room , the first broadcast of Renovation surprise, change at home will air Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 9:05 p.m. on Gulli and will last 66 minutes. On the program: Olivier wants the team to help him renovate his apartment to give a big surprise to Cyrielle, his companion who loves chalet atmospheres between wood, (fake) animal skins and touches of pink. When we know that this couple of parents prefer to sleep in the living room and leave the bedrooms to their children, their problem is the lack of space of course! A nice gesture that has however permanently reduced their intimacy... Emmanuelle and Stéphane will they manage to take up the challenge and bring a solution to this family? Answer on Gulli!

What will be the role of Emmanuelle Rivassoux and Stéphane Plaza?

At the controls of this new decorative entertainment, it's aboard their 'Deco Truck' that Emmanuelle & Stéphane will travel around France to meet families with diverse and varied life issues, like that of Olivier. For this chic and shock duo, the task will not be so easy. Stairs too small to pass the materials, faulty tools...Emmanuelle will have to manage all the unexpected and keep your cool during these top secret classified sites. A mission made even more delicate with Stéphane at his side, who will not fail to reserve surprises of which he alone has the secret!


On her Instagram account, the decorator enthused: ' What I like about this show is the possibility of fully personalizing the decoration, imagining a project with small onions, the opposite of 'House for sale' where the exercise is to depersonalize using the home staging . '

And to continue: 's i the majority of decoration programs are aimed at owners, here we go to tenants as well. I imagine then fittings adapted to the loc'. For you, viewers, these are decoration ideas and tips that you can take back to your home, even if you are a tenant. 'Appointment is made in front of Gulli!