Sun Salutation: The Incredible Benefits of This Series of Poses

What is called the sun salutation stands out from other exercises because it invites you to perform a fluid sequence of yoga postures. We tell you everything about this famous practice.

  Sun Salutation: The Incredible Benefits of This Series of Poses

The Sun Salutation, also called Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit, is a sequence of 12 postures of yoga . Rich in benefits, these asanas are intended to welcome the rising sun and energize the body and mind. This is a must in the discipline, quite simple and accessible to all. Here's everything you need to know to pull it off like a pro.

How to do the Sun Salutation?

The Sun Salutation is a wonderful warm-up for the whole body. It also runs at the start of the session Hatha Yoga . Sequenced in a precise order, each posture alternates between head up/head down and round back/arched back. Results ? Most parts of the body are used and the blood circulates more easily.

Concretely, here is how to do Surya Namaskar:

1. Exhale . We start standing, feet parallel and well anchored in the ground.

two. Inhale . Raise your arms up and arch back slightly.

3. Exhale . Lean forward to make a forward dart and place your hands on the ground next to your feet. It is necessary to keep your back straight.

Four. Inhale . Stretch right leg back, knee on floor, keeping chin up.

5. hold your breath . Then go into a plank, keeping your wrists aligned with your shoulders. The abs are sheathed.

6. Exhale . Gently lower your knees, chest, and chin to the floor. The posterior is slightly raised.

7. Inhale . Slide the body into the cobra pose. The bust goes up and the pelvis goes down.

8. Exhale . Raise the pelvis and simultaneously extend the arms and legs to form a downward facing dog.

9. Inhale . Bring your right leg forward in line with your hands, keeping your chin up.

10. Exhale . Return to darts pose. The head is released towards the ground.

eleven. Inhale . Straighten up and lean back slightly, arms and legs straight.

12. Exhale . The last posture is the same as the first. The body is straight and well anchored to the ground.

Keep in mind that each opening of the body calls for an inhale and each close calls for an exhale.


Why Do 12 Sun Salutations?

It is common to see diligent yogis doing 12 sun salutations while repeating the 12 Names of the Sun God . Traditionally, it is to honor him. Also, we perform this posture as many times in relation to the 12 positions of the spine that it involves. Each stretches various ligaments and produces different movements. A minimum of three times in a row is ideal when you have little time or are just starting out.

When to do the Sun Salutation?

The best time to practice the Sun Salutation is early in the morning . It revitalizes the body and mind upon waking. This movement allows you to wear the day in the best way. It can be practiced more than once a day, facing the sun. In the afternoon, for example, for an instant boost but also in the evening to unwind and relax. In this case, we prefer a slower rhythm with a longer expiration than inspiration.

What benefits?

The benefits of the Sun Salutation are numerous. This position acts at the muscular, articular, respiratory and digestive level . In particular, it eliminates toxins, softens and strengthens muscles while stimulating vital organs. But that's not all: it also regulates irregular menstrual cycles. Surya Namaskar also stimulates blood circulation. The other superpowers in this combo? Increase concentration, lose excess belly fat, give vitality, etc. It is also a very good exercise to reconnect with oneself.

What dangers?

The sequence of postures, as in the salutation to the sun, can become a cause of injury. We always want to go further and we do not always realize that the back is rounding up, while this endangers the vertebrae. This is especially the case when moving from hands up to pincer pose. Simple moves that can do lower back pain . You should also know that this position is not suitable for everyone.

People who have heart problems should refrain from practicing inverted postures and adapt their series. The Sun Salutation should also not be practiced by people with thyroid problems and fragile joints.