Sukkot 2022: Traditions During the Feast of the Huts

[Sukkot 2022]. The Sukkot holiday refers to the Jewish people's 40 years of wandering in the desert. Etrog, lulav and outdoor dining... A brief reminder of the rites and traditions surrounding the famous cabin festival.

  Sukkot 2022: Traditions During the Feast of the Huts

When is Sukkot in 2022?

Sukkot -or Sukkot- takes place over 7 days. IN 2022, Sukkot begins on the evening of October 9 , and ends on the evening of October 16 . If the dates according to the Gregorian calendar change from one year to another, they are irremovable in the Hebrew calendar, between 15 and 21 tichri. It is immediately followed by the feast of Simha Torah (joy of the Torah) which takes place on Wednesday, September 29.

What is Sukkot? Origins and meaning

Souccot has the double vocation of honoring the last harvest of the year and commemorating the protection that God granted to the children of Israel, from their exit from Egypt to their arrival in the promised land. Sukkot therefore has both agrarian and commemorative symbolism. During the 40 years of their wandering in the desert, the Jews lived in tents and huts and could count on God to help them.

What are the customs of the Sukkot holiday?

In order to perpetuate this tradition of nomadism and precariousness, the Jews are, on the occasion of Sukkot, invited to take their meals (and possibly spend the night) in specially made cabins, the day after Yom Kippur , and before the start of the party.

The construction of the Soukkah (cabane)

Pivotal to the Sukkot holiday, the Souccah is a hut made from branches, foliage and decorated with different religious symbols . Vegetables (gourds, pumpkins…) and seasonal fruits hang from the ceiling, and drawings can adorn the walls of this hut. Children will never run out of ideas for adorning their sukkah. If it is closed by a roof (summary, since it is made with leaves and branches), the Succah does not have a door. This peculiarity is above all a sign of openness: here everyone can enter .

The roof must have enough roofing to provide shade for those who live in the sukkah. Tradition sometimes collides with reality. Many Jews do not have an outdoor space in which to set up their sukkah. Everyone has to adapt the ritual according to their way of life. Mobile sukkahs circulating in the cities and community sukkahs installed in the perimeter of the synagogues have emerged to allow the faithful to perform a prayer at the time of Souccot .

Etrog, lulav, hadass and aravah: the four species together

The 'Four Species' ritual is an integral part of the Sukkot holiday. Every day, the faithful take charge the sun , myrtle, date palm and citron and wave them towards the four cardinal points, up and down while pronouncing a blessing. This custom aims to bring together the Jewish people, regardless of their level of religious practice, to form a single unit.

The four symbols of the Jewish holiday Sukkot: willow, myrtle, date palm and citron

What to eat during Sukkot?

No dish is specifically indicated for Sukkot, although it is recommended to take all or part of their meals inside the hut . Traditionally, the dishes are festive meals, such as for Shabbat.