Suicide of Lucas (13), victim of homophobia: four young people tried, the mother of the deceased comes out of silence

Drama in the Vosges. Lucas, a 13-year-old boy, committed suicide after suffering homophobia and school bullying for many months. As four minors prepare to be tried, the little boy's mother broke the silence...

  Suicide of Lucas (13 years old), victim of'homophobie : quatre jeunes jugés, la mère du défunt sort du silence

On January 27, the public prosecutor of Epinal, Frédéric Nahon, announced that four minors would be tried for ' school harassment leading to suicide ' from Lucas, 13 ans . 'During their hearings, the respondents, two 13-year-old girls and two boys, educated in the same school as Lucas, only admitted to having repeatedly made fun of their comrade' , he said in a press release. The trial is expected to take place in the spring.

Lucas' mother breaks the silence: 'I can't imagine any pain'

For the first time since the tragedy, Severine, Lucas' mother , a 13-year-old teenager who committed suicide on January 7, 2023 after being victim of homophobia and school bullying , broke the silence. The 35-year-old woman spoke at a press conference on January 30 in Epinal, in the Vosges.

While four minors will be tried for ' school bullying leading to suicide ' of the late teenager, the mother of the family declared, with great emotion, that she was not in the spirit of revenge: ' I can't imagine any pain, they're kids. It just has to make them think , maybe they intervene with us, they explain what happened, they regret, they take part in actions to prevent '. Despite everything, the mother of the victim necessarily feels a certain anger: ' They are Lucas' age. I still have to blame them, my son is no longer there. They were mean to him '.

How Lucas' mom wants to 'help others'

From now on, Séverine's fight is to help prevent school bullying, in particular by intervening in schools and raising awareness about this scourge. ' If I could help others with their own feelings, it would be one more victory, a step forward to make everyone think. ', she said. As for the homophobia suffered on a daily basis by her son from September 2022 to January 2023, Séverine stressed the need to teach young people ' acceptance ' others and said: ' It's up to parents to teach their children that everyone is free. '.

Suicide of Lucas, 13, victim of homophobia

Unnamed tragedy in the Vosges. Lucas, a student aged only 13, committed suicide on January 7, 2023 . The young teenager was constantly victim of homophobia and school bullying . He studied in 4th grade at the Louis Armand college in Golbey, near Epinal. Lucas assumed his homosexuality and had a particularly solar temperament. But many school friends deliberately made his life hell.

A teenager 'regularly harassed' for his homosexuality

' He always had a smile, this little one! Always pleasant, always caring, always spontaneous, always full of dreams and desires “, remembered Stéphanie, a relative of the family, at the microphone of RMC radio. A joy extinguished slowly by the school harassment he had been suffering for some time. He was harassed regularly in relation to his outfit, his way of being, what he gave off. He was whole so he was not hiding. It may have bothered some people who dared not be as whole as him. ', detailed the family member. From the first parent-teacher meeting for the start of the 2022 school year, the young teenager and his mother reported to the school of ' teasing of students laughing at his sexual orientation , indicate RMC .

'His mom called for help several times': the school at fault?

' When he came home from school, he complained about what he went through again and again. His mother called for help several times . The school environment, where he spent three-quarters of his time, did not react as it should ', she explained. An inaction which precipitated the drama? Valérie Dautreme, academic director of the national education services in the Vosges, however assures to France Blue Lorraine that ' the situation was taken very seriously by the establishment '. An investigation is underway and an autopsy took place on January 11 .

Brigitte Macron reacts to Lucas' suicide

Brigitte Macron , the first lady engaged in the fight against school bullying, was invited to react to the suicide of little Lucas, at the microphone of RTL , this January 25th. Emmanuel Macron's wife lamented a ' absolute drama ' and recalled the device already in place and supposed fight against school bullying :' There is what exists, it's the pHARe program, it's the ambassadors, it's the student volunteers. Raising the awareness of the supervising staff or teachers so that they identify and help '.

Despite everything, the first lady is well aware that this program is still far from being effective. ' The platforms say they help us, but it is still extremely insufficient . It's totally destructive. It's totally destructive or destructuring . How do you want a child, a teenager, to build himself with everything he hears, everything that is said about him? “, she added. For the first lady, prevention remains completely insufficient, especially in schools. I don't hear that it exists, I have grandchildren, who are absolutely all ages. I question them and they don't hear much “, she lamented.

The Minister of Education and Christophe Beaugrand react: 'sadness and anger'

The Minister of Education, Pap Ndiaye, also reacted to this sad affair. ' All my thoughts go out to Lucas, a student at L. Armand College in Golbey, his family and his friends. I think of all students like him who are bullied: their desperation is the basis of my determination to prevent all forms of bullying. No child should end up with suicide “, he said on Twitter.

The host Christophe Beaugrand - father with a husband of a little boy born by GPA in the United States -, invaded by the sadness ' and the ' anger ' , was also quick to react to this tragedy. ' To all those who think that it is useless to fight against homophobia at school, to all those who don't understand that insults can kill... Look at the face of 13-year-old Lucas, a victim of homophobic bullying. He committed suicide last Saturday ', he said on Twitter. Furious, he added: ' When will we become aware of the drama that some young people are going through? When will we finally take a serious stand against bullying? When will we finally talk concretely about homophobia? Even if it displeases obscurantist associations that claim to defend children? '.

In the comments, the host didn't hold back on some posts that downplayed the drama or government and school inaction. Faced with a person telling him that school bullying had always existed, he replied, annoyed: ' Ah ok let's do nothing and let our children die then. Pathetic . “He called for real prevention campaigns and greater action within schools.

Lucas' parents take legal action: his funeral is being prepared

The family intends to file a complaint. ' There is a whole series of chains of responsibility which can be sought and engaged if indeed the elements of an offense have been constituted ', specified to BFMTV Me Catherine Faivre, lawyer of the family of the victim. In the meantime, a online kitty was launched to raise money for little boy's funeral , which must take place this January 14 in Epinal. Lucas' parents suggest that those who will be present wear an LGBT sign in honor of the deceased.